Healing the Divide

I interview my grandfather, a veteran, on the 2016 presidential election, the divide, and on the future.

The Great Listen

An interview about my mother. In order to get to know her better and know about my culture.

Interview with my mom’s friends

The experience of GE14 and the different experience of broadcast media in Malaysia from now and 30 years ago.

What I Want
November 24, 2018 App Interview

This talks about my brother’s change from Middle school to Highschool, and his ambitions and hobbies.

Interview of Debra Smith by Samuel Cipriani

This is an interview of Debra Smith about her voting and elections during her lifetime

Thanksgiving Listen

We had a variety of topics; life lessons, to family, even to the past election.

Interview with Kimberley

We talked about her work, love & relationships, opinions on election, family, childhood memories, school, and self image

Great Listen Interview Project in El Dorado Kansas With My Mom

I, Selah Klayson, conducted this interview with my mom, Samantha Klayson on November 28th, 2017. We did this interview in my living room in El Dorado Kansas. My mom(Samantha)is 38 years old, and I(Selah)am 14 years old. In this interview...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project-Jackson Campbell

Beth and I talked about what Thanksgiving means and how it stacks up against Christmas and football and alittle about past events (such as the 2008 stock market crash and the 2016 election) along with what we think of the...


In this interview I talk with my dad about himself as a child and as a father

2020 with friends

My friends and I made 2020 predictions (including the election). We also talked about our New Years resolutions to see if we stick to them!

Grandpa Talks About his Amazing Life Experiences

My grandpa, Jack French, talks about his childhood and significant experiences in his life. He talks about his first job as a paperboy as well as his enjoyable time in high school. Grandpa also describes how he met Grandma and...

GE-14 interview

Had an interview with my mom about the GE-14

Shahid Mansoor talks about his life growing up in India and his adult life in the United States

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Plano, Tx, Basir Mansoor interview his father, Shahid Mansoor about his life in India and how it compares to his current life in the United States. Shahid shares his memories about traveling...

Election of 2008

I briefly interviewed my friend on what she remembers from the election of 2008.

“I think that this, this is my home”

Within this interview, conducted January 2018 in Boulder Creek, California, Samuel English (17) discusses life and the effects of immigrating to the United States as an independent German citizen with his mother, Andrea Rosa English (49). Mrs. English recollects some...

Ryia and Jenae

Who’s had a greatest influence in her life