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Liz Hicks and Patrick WALSH

One Small Step partners Liz Hicks (78) and Patrick Walsh (55) discuss moving away from the Catholic church, how they became aware of racism, and why they fear social isolation is harming our country.

Taliatha Hudson-Palmer and Nancy Kalina

One Small Step partners Taliatha Hudson-Palmer (43) and Nancy Kalina (58) discuss their experiences in same-sex marriages, and how their Jewish and Mormon upbringings shaped their identities.

Jason Sears and Joyce Chu

One Small Step partners Jason Sears (51) and Joyce Chu (30) share their reflections on the Hong Kong protests in 2019, the George Floyd protests in 2020, and their experiences with racism. Joyce also shares her experience of being excommunicated...

Dany Schutte and Rebecca Perry-Hill

One Small Step partners Dany Schutte (56) and Rebecca "Becca" Perry-Hill (39) talk about their liberal political beliefs and their grief over the recent losses they both faced.

Jessica Edwards and Rebecca Nascimento

Jessica Edwards (28), tells her friend Rebecca Veiga Nascimento (40), about her experience growing up a Jehovah's Witness, getting excommunicated, and going to Burning Man. Rebecca talks about the difference between professing and practicing love, how her husband having an...