The importance of learning a second language

We began after asking about one positive and one negative experience, which led into a discussion about regretting not learning Spanish.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my father about his childhood and life as a young adult and what he learned from it, compared to what he’s learned as an adult, plus the experiences he had as a child also compared to his adult...

“Challenge yourself for what you think you can’t do.”

On December 1st, 2019, Karina Lo speaks with Belinda Lo, who is her mother. Karina asks Belinda about her childhood and the experience from when she came to America. They discuss about the hardships and challenges Belinda went through to...

Interview With My Older Sister About Career Goals

The importance of career goals are valued the most by many people to keep their life in order. Its beneficial to all individuals and its something that will keep peoples lives in order. #TheGreatListen #TheGreatListenFLHS

StoryCorps On Anti-Human Trafficking Part 1

David Marmins talked about his experience with sex trafficking and his involvement in this social movement.

Interview with Mrs.Walker

Overall whe talked to Virgina about her life experiences. She’s always lived in Chicago

Interview with my dad

Interviewing my dad about his life and experiences. He tells me about the important people in his life, lessons he has learned in life, and much more.

How Did You Live
November 30, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, I talked to my grandfather about how life was for him back in his home country of Burma.


About my grandpa’s experiences

Family History

a interview about my family moving from one country to another. she shares some information about the experience and details during the move

Learning More About My Family

In this interview, I talked to my aunt, Yiting Zhu, about the experiences in the past as well as what who she is as an individual. She talks about how her school life was like and the things she has...

Jack Fratis interview with his dad Lawrence Fratis and talks about his life so far.

I talked with my dad about his childhood and his experiences growing up in South New Jersey and the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania. We also talk about his experiences in school, both high school and college.

My Moms Life And Experiences

My mom revealed her life when she was a teenager and how she used her time. I look up to her and the lessons she learned I learned from her.

Me and My Sister

I talked to my sister about her high school experience and her highs and lows and really got to learn a lot about her that I did not previously know.

Experiences can Shaped Your Identity

Louise, a college scholar, woman, also my older cousin. She talks about her personality was different from now to she as a child, that was because of during her life till now. The experiences before and after she came to...

Raul Jesus Rodriguez Interview

Mia Rodriguez interviews her grandfather, Raul Jesus Rodriguez, who she calls Popo about his life experiences and what he would like their family and the rest of the world to remember.

“English was a problem for me.”

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in College Point, New York. Helen Chen(14), interviewed her mother, Xiaofeng Yang(38), about her experiences when coming to America for the very first time. Xiaofeng Yang shares the difficulties that she had faced...

My dad’s life and experiences

We talk about his life and thoughts on different topics like his work and thoughts on different parts of life

Experiences affect identity.

On December 1st 2019, Lizzy Medrano (mom) shares her experiences growing up and how they shaped her into the loving mother and person she is today. She shares lessons that she learned and experiences that she had to go through...