Jessica W. interviews Anonymous about America in a Kenyan’s Perspective.

In this interview conducted on April 2021 in a house in Chicago Illinois, anonymous and interviewer sit down to talk about topics related to America and anonymous’ different experience in this country (both good and bad) and the lessons to...

Chasing Your Bliss with Kyran Blissett

We spoke about my RA's experience with Knox in addition to his beliefs about life in general.

Jonah Erdman with Carter Teed discussing cinematographer Shane Kinsman

Jonah Erdman (16) talks with Carter Teed (20) about his experiences with cinematographer Shane Kinsman and how Shane has had a major influence on his life.

Oral History interview project with Sophia Ortiz

The person that I interviewed was Sophia Ortiz, an 18 year old senior from St Brendan High School. I am a 17 year old senior from St Brendan and she is my friend. Topics discussed were life advice, experiences, and...

What it Means to be American

An interview given by High School students, Kaitlyn and Natiya, to better understand what it means to be American

senior memory book

we talked about his life and how he feels about his accomplishments

My Grandma’s High School Experience

In this interview, we talked about high school experiences, advice, life advice, differences in high school back then vs. now, and more.

Best Friend Troubles

On December 1st 2019, Yongjun Yang interviewed Zoe Schwartz, his cousin. She tells about troubles with her friends and family. She also talks about her experiences and how she dealt with her problems.

My interview with Eugene Ward.

An interview with Pastor Eugene about life and experiences.


Courtney talks about how her experiences and beliefs have influenced and shaped her life today

Life Experiences

Life experiences and what her life was like as a child and then throughout adulthood

Nils Bognar interviews his dad, Istvan Bognar, on his life so far. “What was your childhood like”?

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, Nils Bognar(14) interviews his dad, Istvan Bognar(47), about his life so far. Istvan shares stories about growing up in Africa and in New York and how each...

Benton Barnes Interview

In the interview we talked about many different. Some examples would be childhood experiences, role models with our lives, and life lessons.

Interview with Mrs.Walker

Overall whe talked to Virgina about her life experiences. She’s always lived in Chicago

Service Learning

In this interview we talk about my mom’s experiences.

The importance of learning a second language

We began after asking about one positive and one negative experience, which led into a discussion about regretting not learning Spanish.

Treyson Marler and Joe Graham

I interviewed one of my good friends Joe Graham and we had a chance to talk about our different experiences and how those have impacted our lives

Recording – 03-12-2024 19:26:38

I had the opportunity to interview my step dad Matt McClelland!! he is 45 years old and I interviewed him about his experience being a relator.

Samuel Duarte and Isabella Gonzalez

Samuel Duarte (13) talks with his grandmother about her past medical challenges in Spanish.

Interview with my Nana

And interview between my grandma and I talking about her life. I recorded this for a school project. This was recorded wile on a phone call, so sound quality may not be the best

Midterm Interview
January 10, 2023 App Interview

Interviewer:Alex Rusu Guest:My Brother Anton The topics that we included were mostly about school and and going to college. I would like to ask these questions so that when it comes time for me to experience these things myself, my...