Nannie and I talked about her life and childhood.

Life experiences -to and from

My mother and strong woman talked about her life in Mexico and California

Interview With My Older Sister About Career Goals

The importance of career goals are valued the most by many people to keep their life in order. Its beneficial to all individuals and its something that will keep peoples lives in order. #TheGreatListen #TheGreatListenFLHS

I, Truman Kearney, Interviewing my dad, Bryant Kearney

Me talking to my dad, and him giving me good insight on what's important in life

Communication And Media Around the World from A Different Perspective

Barbara Cohen sits down and joins me in a conversation about the changes in communications, media, and technology and her experiences with these changes growing up around the world.

Living in My Mom’s Big and Adventurous World.

This is the story of a mother and how far she went to get to where she is now. This interview introduces my mom’s struggles, but also her successes. It is also an interview about her child hood and our...

An American Dream

The interview was about Adriana's experience moving to the U.S. from a different country and her experience in Iraq

Interview #4

Talked about how he wasn’t sure what type of job his life would lead him into.

Experiences can Shaped Your Identity

Louise, a college scholar, woman, also my older cousin. She talks about her personality was different from now to she as a child, that was because of during her life till now. The experiences before and after she came to...

KayDince Beach and her grandma, Cheryll Linck talk about life and it’s adventures in Lincoln City, Oregon.

In this interview, conducted in November 2020 in Lincoln City, Oregon, KayDince Beach (16) interviews her grandma, Cheryll Linck (62) about her life and its adventures. KayDince's grandma shares what person is most important to her and the experiences of...


We talk about points of my father’s experiences in life. I was so exciting to hear him talking in English and giving his opinion of several things.


About my grandpa’s experiences

Raymond Harris

The origins of and advice given by Raymond Harris himself. This interview also covers his personal life and as well as his childhood memories of his relatives and others who inspired him.

Capstone, Brandon Fajardo Period 1.

I asked my sister about her life and how it was like when she was young. I asked her about her experiences also

What I’ve Come to Know w/Tom Chamberlain

Tom Chamberlain shares his experiences, stories, and lessons that’s he’s learned throughout life

Lily Bass discusses with her grandmother, Marry Potter stories about her childhood and life.

In this interview, conducted on the 27th of November in 2017 Lily Bass interviews her Grandmother Marry Potter. Ms. Potter shares story's of world travels, her love for horse back riding, and a funny story from her teenage years

Kiersten Caruthers and her mother, Carrie Caruthers, talk about Carrie and her life experiences.

We talked a lot about my mom’s experience raising me and her personal experiences with how she raised me. She provided many examples of what she did to make my life complete and to raise me to how I am...

“Challenge yourself for what you think you can’t do.”

On December 1st, 2019, Karina Lo speaks with Belinda Lo, who is her mother. Karina asks Belinda about her childhood and the experience from when she came to America. They discuss about the hardships and challenges Belinda went through to...

Jack Fratis interview with his dad Lawrence Fratis and talks about his life so far.

I talked with my dad about his childhood and his experiences growing up in South New Jersey and the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania. We also talk about his experiences in school, both high school and college.

Interviewing my Dad

We talked about my Dad's work life and childhood.

StoryCorps Project- Life Experience Interview- Mom- Spanish

The interview consists of my mom talking about how shes learned from life and what is important to, plus her advice to herself in the past and to someone raising a child.