Sarah & Rachel — our Mothers, Family — The Graves Family

My cousin Sarah & I discuss our mothers, their childhoods, ourselves, our daughters & our extended family of aunts, uncles & cousins

The Great Listen

I interviewed my mom about many topics such as life lessons, our family heritage, her childhood, her education, her marriage, her jobs, civic engagement, and religion. I learned lots of new things!

Shelleby’s Interview with Miriam

Miriam talks about her family tree and why it’s important to her.

“Yes, I had many memories, all that I enjoyed, but there was a particular memory that I enjoyed the most.”

This interview is about my mother’s childhood leading to her first years of college. In this interview, I learned many new things about my mom and also some things about myself.

Mom interview

Today my mom and I talked about how she grew up and talked about our family. My mom also talked about how she always like her teachers growing up and looked up to them

Sorensen’s Interview of Riley

I ask Riley about what two people who are important to her, what she would say to her older self as a teenager, and what she is most grateful for.

Interview of Mom

Her big family was discussed and advice for future generations.

Greg N- Great Thanksgiving Listen
December 1, 2017 App Interview

I feel that my mom and I discussed a variety of topics which give her life and in turn my life substantial meaning. We also covered some family history and shared a few interesting caveats of our family’s history. PS-...

Interview with My Grandad

I interviewed my grandfather about his life experiences. We discussed his entire life and his hardships throughout. I learned a lot more than I previously knew about my grandfather.

Mommy and Me

I talked to my mother about her life and childhood. Then I asked her about my life and childhood. She told me about her extended family and lessons she was taught by family and friends. She told me her hopes...

Global Arizona: Stella Saperstein Part 3

In this three-part interview I had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful Stella Saperstein. We talked everything from her life growing up in the Soviet Union, her passion for music,her journey to the United States, and reconnecting with family.

Lifespan Development

questions about past childhood, family, and children

an interview with janet evans

janet answers personal and historical questions in this interview

January 7,2018

This is an interview on January 7th, 2018. I interviewed my mother Patricia Covarrubias and she told me a bit on some memories, childhood, and thoughtful moments

Ariana’s Story

Ariana tells us about the hardest things that happened in her life

Family history

Anna Rae Grendys, (age 17) family history project, 2018. Interview with paternal grandmother, Carol Ethelyn Grendys, (age 74).