Father to Daughters

A daughter interview her Father about his life, childhood, and the future he wants for his daughter.

Grandma Karen’s backstory

Grandma Karen talked about her childhood and what she learned.


I am interviewing my grandmother (Maria) different question and seeing her perspectives of different things

Interviewing my grandma

Today i interviewee my grandma to learn a little bit more about her life when she was younger

Sharon Hampton Interview

I think it was interesting to talk to Sharon specifically because I got to learn so much about her that I didn't know before even though we were pretty close. Being able to hear her perspective from a different culture...

Christmas Traditions

My mom’s holiday traditions as a kid and now.

Dawn Phillips (my mom)

Asked about her life and past experiences

Some remarks from Edward Millman

We talked about how our family worked and what our family should be remembered by

How my family came to the united states

How my great grandmother came to the united states for a better life

You Only Have One Life to Live

Bonnie shared fond memories with me of her family and her childhood.

Interview with Aunt

Talked about her life and my future children and there childen

Childhood of my Older Sister

My older sister, Jie Chen, who attended to the school both in China and America.She is 27 years old, and married to a young man in China. In this interview, we talk about how my sister meet her husband, what...

Mel Murphy

We talked about his parents and grandparents. We also talked about who had the greatest influence on him, and what advice he would give his teenage self. He told me what he was grateful for, and one of the dumbest...

The great thanksgiving listen

I talked to my mamaw about life. We discussed the ups and downs and the joys

Sarah Johnson Interview

We talked about family and how our family’s late past is connected to times closer to today.

Elder Interview

My mom tells the story of how we got back from Paris on a train.

Interview With My Mom

I interviewed my mom about her childhood. This helped me learn more about her.