Walter Davis and Bill Fields

Life Partners Walter Davis (64) and Bill Fields (55) talk about the one room school houses, the Peace Corps, their Unitarian Universalist Church, and other places where they’ve found a sense of community and what the word means to them.

Bill Durkin and Casey McCarthy

Bill Durkin (67) has a conversation with his longtime friend Casey McCarthy (67) about the figure of his brother Bobby, how he changed people's lives, his adventures in Colorado, Michigan and California, how he reconnected with him after losing contact,...

Russell Flowers and Fred Weber

Russell “Russ” Flowers (60) talks with his friend and colleague, Fred Weber (61), about their respective companies in food testing and laboratory equipment, Silliker Laboratories, Weber Scientific, and the International Association for Food Protection.

Robbie Zimmerman and Paul Zimmerman

Paul Zimmerman (42) has a conversation with his mother Robbie Zimmerman (71) about growing up in Detroit, Michigan in the 1950s, the figure of his grandfather who served in the Navy, and other stories from their family history.