The Great Thanksgiving Lesson

This interview is a Cuban interview. I love my grandma and this brought us closer. I asked her questions about our family and about her, that I never knew before. I loved this assignment and I’m sure that future students...

Life Experience Of My Host Mom
November 23, 2017 App Interview

This interview contains Zimeng Wan’s American host mom Jody Austin’s life experience including her family heritage, current and previous jobs, and the religious that she grows up with. Click on it and listen to where Jody’s ancestors came from, how...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This interview would take place between me and my friend Brieann Karim. This interview was conducted in Austin, Texas, and it took about 8 minutes. This interview was about family heritage that came from Brie’s family. She talked extensively about...

Sitting down with Sitty

Hayden interviews her grandma about family heritage.

Pat tells Justin about her childhood

Pat, a mother, tells Justin about her childhood and who influenced her life. Additionally, they discuss about her family heratiage.


We talked about growing up and childhood memories. Also about religion and our family heritage

Thanksgiving Interview with Elaine Tracy
November 28, 2019 App Interview

My grandma, Elaine Tracy, and I discussed the details of her family heritage. To wrap it up, we discussed the questions my grandma had about my future.

Shirley Lowe and her great nephew Andrew Cook talk about growing up in the Great Depression

In this interview, conducted on November 22nd 2018 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Andrew Cook (17) interviews his great aunt, Shirley Lowe (80) about her childhood during the Great Depression and how the world has progressed. She also talks about the technological...

Meeting with Mrs. Miller

Interview with Mrs. Miller about her family history.

Rahma and Abdinasir
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Rahma asks questions to her father Abdinasir about life in America and his home country Somalia. From childhood questions to how his current job.

Relationship Advice with Mom
December 27, 2018 App Interview

Mom tells me stories about her family and of how she met Dad, and what it takes to create a lasting marriage.

European Family strives for better opportunities in The United States

Listen to my Mom’s life story of moving from Europe to The United States and how that change has helped her become the person that she is today.

I lived just a normal old childhood

Norma C. Brown shared her story of her family heritage, she grew up in Virginia where her family moved when her mother was 5 years old. She grew up just a normal childhood in a 100 year house with lots...