Ariya Lee Thanks Giving Interview 11/27/23

I am Ariya, I am 14 years old interviewing my mom Jenny Lee. We have discussed family background and cultural heritage. You will listen to my mom give definitions of Culture, family and more. Meals, family memories, and stories!


Valeria Church- 66-Teacher Educator for over 25 years Ramona Hewitt-Williams- 45 I was inspired to do this interview with Mrs. Church she is a great mentor, she enjoy educating students. I'M INSPIRED BY All Educators and TEACHERS THEY HAVE MADE...

Ellena Ochoa and Sofia Ridgway

Ellena Ochoa (57) is given the topic of her greatest influence. She elaborates of memories of her grandmother, her childhood and advice she has to give and how that advice has been helpful to her.

Jess Haykov and Julia McCormack

[Recorded: Friday, September 22nd, 2023] Jess Haykov (19) from Hollywood, Florida, and Julia McCormack (19) from Silver Spring, Maryland participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA. Julia shares...

Sisters Tegan and Zia talk Rosemary + Sage

Boston (Tegan, 30) + Denver (Zia, 28) sisters | Same recipes, different kitchens @_rosemaryandsage

The Unbreakable Bond of Three Sisters

Catherine Grella (21) talks with a friend, Susan Martins (77) about her close relationship with her two sisters, her childhood, and the family dynamics that have shaped her into the woman that she is today.

Contance G. Wright and Jordan Wright

Constance Wright talks with her grandson Jordan Wright about growing up in Harlem with her brother Raymond and the advenutes they had in school, in the neighborhood, and on the subway. She also talks about raising her own sons, having...

John Atkinson and Nancy Bentley

Nancy Bentley (63) interviews her husband, John Atkinson (67) about his life, focusing on his health issues with eczema and asthma, his work in the Peace Corps, and his favorite family memories.