The TAMAYO's lovingly restored this building. "As the restaurant grew we kept renovating, but the beautiful bar and bowling alley are intact." Combine the love of renovation, cooking, and community and you have the making of a town gem. Careful...


"I love the anticipation of the seasons." Judith - never Judy - met Barry Benepe in 1984. Soon into the relationship, he brought her up to the crumbling old house on Van Vlierden Road. It gave her pause, but Judith...

Livi and Kiana discuss local foods

Livi talks about accessibility of local foods, farmers markets, and moving to a new city one day.

"It brought us sales, it brought us students. It was our connection."

Glass artists, Mary and Jack, talk about how the Moscow Farmers Market helped them incubate their business and the ripple effects that had, including the revitalization of Palouse, Washington, a neighboring small town; the restoration of stained glass in some...

"If we are in town, we are here."

Local dad and daughter retell their memories of their Moscow Farmers Market, Tyler works for the City of Moscow and provides a unique perspective on the impact of the Moscow Farmers Market on Moscow and the Palouse region.

Harry Lockwood – starter interview

Interview with Harry Lockwood about how the business has changed over the years, and how he managed the transitions with his father’s passing and son Steve’s joing the business.