Fellowship with Nana and Hailey

This is a personal interview between my grandma and I, where we talked about family, God, and life lessons. (The video quit recording abruptly at the end)

Jackie Burrell and Gerald Cole

Significant others Jackie Burrell [no age given] and Gerald Cole (52) share a conversation about their relationship. Gerald also talks about writing his first book, the advice he would give to his younger self and his daughters, and what he...

Justin Ferrell and Elsabe Dixon

Justin (26) and Ina (26) talk about their work at the Danville Regional Foundation and how they want to contribute in making Danville a better place to live.

A coke with the king

We talk about hilarious memories of us #HarrisLL #TheGreatThanksgivinglisten2018

Traditions and Memories of the Past

In this interview on November 28th 2021 with Nona (Maria Brunetto) and Pop (Joe Brunetto) there was talk about cherished family memories, food, and fun. Also about what it was like when they were kids and the fun holiday activities...

Andrey MacCracken & Harold "Bear" Cubbage

Andrey's mother died in childbirth and his father died on his way to the hospital. Andrey and his brother went to live their grandparents. At 8 y-o, Andreys grandparents could no longer afford to care for both boys and Andrey...