Sylvia Korson and Lorrie Sparrow-Knapp

Sylvia Korson: 2021-01-08 21:15:23 Sylvia Korson talks with her friend and old teacher about media, fandom, and feminism.

The Average American Teenager?

Nathan Toon, a senior at Ralston Valley High School, discusses his struggles with the privileged RV community.

Leadership and Sound

John Livingston and Alli Pearson discuss what it is like being a woman in the field of audio technology and what she is doing as a leader in this field.

Faith Rivera interviewed by Hope Rider on 11/30/2017

An interview with my mom about her life. This interview is full of laughs and some tears near the end.

Terry Braunstein and the women’s art movement in Washington DC

Grandma describes her role in the women in art movement in the 1970s in DC to her three grandchildren

Tyler Smith & Dakotta Hunt 2018

I interviewed Dakotta Hunt on November 1, 2018.

Feminism is an issue

Talking to Clarence about feminism and educating him

"Ingrid Kimble Peterson and Joyce Shaw Peterson"

Joyce Shaw Peterson (81) talks with her granddaughter, Ingrid Kimble Peterson (12) about her work as a history professor.

Travis Tavana’s Interview of Terri Tavana & Zona Taylor: Women Growing Up vs. Society

Travis, a student at Eastern Michigan University located in Ypsilanti, MI, conducts this interview. He questions his grandma, Zona Taylor and his mother, Terri Tavana, on June 14th of 2023. The three of them discuss Zona Taylor and Terri Tavana’s...

Colleen McCall and Claudia Stravato

Colleen McCall (69) interviews her friend Claudia Stravato (78) about her religious upbringing and the way it influenced her passionate career for equity and women's rights.

Sexuality, feminism, & socialization.

Alyssia interviews her roommate, Adam. They talk about growing up, being gay, and feminism.

Erika and Daniel talk about Feminism

Erika, a young woman living in the border between Mexico and the U.S, talks about the feminism movement in Juarez and how it has change her as a woman.

Southern Women: paving their own way

A grandmother and son talk about the struggles of losing a child and a mother as well as what it’s like to be a single woman pathing her own way in the south.

Sara Saltzman, Zachary Saltzman, and Jake Saltzman

Sara Fay Saltzman (85) talks to her grandsons, Zack Saltzman (21) and his brother Jake Saltzman (25) about growing up in Chicago, her husband's business on Maxwell Street, her career as a teacher, and motherhood.

How many Brits does it take to talk feminism?

Emma Henderson interviews Lauren Sheath on feminism, faith, Michelle Obama and the value of a pun.

Autoethnography Personal Narrative Interview

Seniors Arielle Van Fossen and Nicole talk about the time that Arielle experienced casual misogyny from her classmates.

Betty’s Wisdom
November 24, 2019 App Interview

Wisdom from a 90th birthday, with reflections on feminism and family.

Betty Macron and Marian Deutschman

One Small Step participants Betty Macron [no age given] and Marian Deutschman [no age given] discuss their upbringing, their earliest political memories, and the people who have impacted their lives through acts of kindness.

Jacqueline Chester and Brenda Ford

Jacqueline Clay Chester [No Age Given] tells StoryCorps Facilitator Brenda Ford (47) about a bathing suit she recently sold at auction, her mother, and her experiences in the arts and entertainment industry.

Laura Shannon and Beverly Golden

Laura Shannon (49) interviews her mother, Beverly Golden [no age given], about Beverly's grandmother, Jessie Thatcher Bost, who was the first woman to graduate from Oklahoma State University.