Eric Ibarra and Natalia Angeles

Eric Ibarra (35), founder of Las Fotos Project, talks with his mentee, Natalia Angeles (17), about their love of photography, how memories are linked to photos, and about what they will accomplish in the next year.

Kristina von Hoffmann and Jeremy Topper

Kristina von Hoffmann (32) talks with her companion Jeremy Topper (31) about companionship, how they relate to one another, both romantically and otherwise, and how people can relate to other people in the same way as those other people relate...

Tiffani Martin and Lisa Winkley

Friends Tiffani Martin (31) and Lisa Winkley (39) have a lot in common between their family lives. They discuss Tiffani's health issues and how they affected her family in parallel with Lisa's sister, who passed away at a young age,...

Shelly Darr and Lynnessa Davis

Friends Shelly Darr (35) and Lynnessa Davis (27) share a conversation about how they first met, living together, their favorite memories together, and what their friendship means to each of them.

Taylor Reed Boes and Jordan Everything Stanton

Fiancées, Jordan Everything Stanton (30) and Taylor Reed Boes (31), sit down for a conversation about their relationship, their experiences coming out as trans women, and Jordan's loved ones who have passed away.