thanksgiving break 2021. avarie and jason degrave

this is an interview asking my dad about his past, his career and past jobs


I connect with an old friend about her career goals and give insight on what it’s like to have divorced parents as young kids.

Me and my grandpa talk about his past and how his life and jobs were.

Me and my Grandpa Greenough in Sierra Vista AZ, talking about his life, jobs, and experiences he has had. We talk about his military positions and his jobs and favorite places he has lived.

Talking with my aunt

I interviewed my aunt. I learned a lot about her and what she was like when she was younger.

Interviewing my sister

Asking my sister about her first job

My mom and I

I interview my mother about her career

Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

I had an interview with my grandfather. We talked about my grandmother because she is from India and we talked about his job in the Peace Corps.

From Naughty Teen to Grandmother

I (T. Tretter) interviewed my grandmother from my dad’s side, Shirley Fusko. She was born in 1938 in Indiana and she has lived in Indiana since then. She has had two husbands, the second of which she met and married...

Syed haider thanksgiving listen

This was about my grandfathers life and the things that he went through. He also explains his childhood without advanced technology. Another thing that he tells us is his job and also what he wanted to do when he was...

Tony Velleca (My Dad)

My dad's life, his jobs, his wife, his childhood, and hopes for our world in the future!

Memories with Doris Pt. 2

Talking with Doris (93 years old) about memories from the 1930s and 1940s including what Christmas was like in her home when she was little, her childhood home, her first job in a radio crystal factory during WWII, and a...

My mother’s (art) history

I found out more about my mother’s past living her young adult life in San Francisco and her connection to the art scene.

Morgan talks to her dad about his childhood, career, and family

Morgan Hickey, a student at Egg Harbor Twp. High School, interviews her dad, Mike Hickey, about his life for The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019. He discusses his childhood growing up in the city of Philadelphia, and later moving to a...

Christmas 2017 with Papa Weeden

Recording of PaPa Weeden (Frederick Daniel Weeden II) and Dan Weeden (Frederick Daniel Weeden IV) on Christmas Eve 2017

Jose 2nd period AP human geo

We talked about how my mother got proposed to and important life lessons

Payton James and her grandpa Ed James talk about his life.

In this interview, conducted on November 19, 2018 over the phone, Payton James (14) in McKinney, Texas, interviews her grandpa, Ed James (82), in Bonita Springs, Florida about his life and upbringing. Mr. James shares stories about his children and...

The Countryside

I interviewed my Aunt Phuong. She talked about her life story. We had a conversation on playing house as a child, a friendship turning into a happy marriage, and going through some tough times. My Aunt Phuong told me things...

Final Professional Interview

Hello. My name is Parker Cane. Today I interviewed my grandmother and talked about her childhood, memories and more. Enjoy!