Learning about my parents

Talking to my parents about questions I always wanted to ask, like how they met

La or Toadie

I talked to my mom about life before I was born, and the life i dont know about. This life included the multiple summer jobs, long lost childhood friends, and meeting then marrying my dad, and many more adventures as...

Grandma Ruth and Dad

In the car we discussed various topics like prioritizing family over careers, first jobs, and the biggest influences on our lives.

Job biographies

Interview about my father's jobs: cavalry officer and his work at the family business.

A Mom Describes the Whirlwind of Immigrant Life
December 18, 2019 App Interview

A 17-year-old son interviews his mother about her life experiences growing up and how she ended up where she is now, in Irvine, California.

Terry Brimhall and How Brim’s Chips was started

Terry Brimhall grew up do different jobs, and these jobs then led to him starting his own company. He also valued education and through his college career was able to back his company.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen by Jessica Saoulidis and Madeline Saoulidis on childhoods and family traditions.

In this interview, Jessica Saoulidis (15) interviews her mother Madeline Saoulidis (43) about her childhood and some family traditions that take place in the family. This interview includes information about what school was like and also what jobs were held.

Susan osborne

Interview with my mother on various questions regarding her past present and future life.

Mrs. Hollatz thanksgiving listen

We talked a lot about his childhood and about his time being a dad.

Heidi Servilla and Dylan Servilla

Dylan Servilla (19) talks with his mother Heidi Servilla (52) about her childhood memories, first job, parenting, and hopes for the future.

Interview with my grandma

My grandma her name is Teri and she is 56 years old.

My grandfathers first career; and how he lost it.

He worked at Loyola Univeristy of Chicago in 1970 and lost his job for bringing gay liberation into the classroom.

Caylin’s nterview questions

I asked my grandmother about her past and her work life.

interview with Jimmy Deal

I interviewed my grandfather, papa Deal and he told me about his life.


I asked my grandma, Ligia Medina Pérez, about her life and what she did.

My Mother’s Life

In this interview my mother talks about living with her siblings and how holidays were a big part of the family. She talks about her school life in elementary and teachers who were important to her. She talks about relationships...