Leslie Smith and Emily Rooker

Leslie Lynn Smith (52) and her daughter, Emily Rooker (26), reflect on their respective experiences of losing a parent at a young age and the cycles of anger and forgiveness they move through in their relationships with their parents.

Always Together Part Two

Me and my aunt talk about kindness, empathy, and forgiveness

Caroline Batorowicz and Melissa West

One Small Step partners Caroline Batorowicz (46) and Melissa West (39) discuss their views of the Stapleton neighborhood name change. Caroline talks about how her faith influences her opinion and Melissa talks about how her upbringing influences her opinion.

Amanda Coggin and Roy Remer

A conversation between two ZHP Volunteer Coordinators, Amanda (39) and Roy (51). Amanda talks about her experience as a volunteer and now staff.

Malika Dahir and Jim Ramnaraine

Acquaintances Malika Dahir (42) and Jim Ramnaraine (62) talk about their political, social, and religious beliefs and backgrounds in this One Small Step conversation.

Dean Owens and Kasey Parsons

One Small Step partners Dean Owens (53) and Kasey Parsons (45) discuss their spiritual and religious beliefs and how they each dealt with the loss of their mothers.

Thank you Mom !!

we talked about how my fathers life was as a child growing up. His memories with his grandfather and his parents

Who actually is my father?

A father and daughter talk, which is something they often don’t do.

Timothy Green and Dominique Green

Timothy "Tim" Green Jr. (34) talks with his sister Dominique Green (30) about their memories together, the choices they've made in life, questions they have for each other, reflections on their relationships with their parents, and how those reflections shaped...

Connie Williams and Lance Friend

One Small Step partners Connie Williams (68) and Lance Friend (49) talk about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives, the importance of middle ground, and the political climate of the United States today.

Inspired by the healing ministry of Jesus Christ

"My dad was a carpenter, my mother's name is Mary and I have no illusions that I'm Jesus Christ," says Paulist Father Frank Desiderio in this interview with Jennifer Szweda Jordan conducted for The Paulist Fathers in Lake George, New...

Nadine Milford

A story of tragedy to triumph, how one grandmother influenced positive change in New Mexico.

Sarai’s Interview

This was a awesome interview I got some wise words from my sister for me and great great grandchildren

Teresa Wells and Brendan Gerdts

Teresa Wells (65) and her mentee, Brendan Gerdts (21), share a conversation about their friendship, their personal growth, their political views, and their hopes for the future.

Diandra Blackwood and Jane Westgate

Friends and coworkers Diandra Blackwood (31) and Jane Westgate (57) discuss their experiences as HIV positive women. They reflect on their battles with overcoming addiction, Jane's experiences as a mother, Diandra’s identity as a trans woman, and their appreciation for...

Jeannine Widener’s StoryCorps interview with Michelle Nichols at the Elyria, Ohio YWCA.

I interviewed Michelle Nichols and asked her questions about her life experiences. She revealed parts of her life I was not expecting. My advice when conducting a StoryCorps interview with someone you know little about is....... "Everyone has untold stories...

Interview with Abby
October 24, 2021 App Interview

I spoke with my grandmother about her relationship with God and how she was able to overcome situations in her life such as coming to the United States at such a young age and battling breast cancer. We spoke about...

My story matters video response

A quick response to these questions about the view I listened to for this assignment.