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Heritage is a great thing to hold on to and be proud of. At times we stray away from our heritage when going about our lives, but it is important to always remember where you came from, and to pass...

A French American family in the OC

An conversation with Damien Daphne Randy Isabelle about their family life in Orange County

Ma grand-mère, Nicole Braditch

In this interview, i, Maïa Berthier, speak to my grandmother, Nicole Braditch. We talk about the family, her childhood, and many other interesting topics. She gave me, and my father (who did interject multiple times) a few good laughs and...

A Senegalese Story: From a Prankster to a Professor

From a straight A student and prankster to a professor in another country, life is full of surprises. In November 2017, 14-year-old Aram Sow interviews her Father Paap Sow to learn about his experience growing up in Senegal, West Africa...

Asking truthbombs of Creasbaum

An interview with Donald Creasbaum, a french teacher.

Gamma and I talk about her native american family heritage, OCD in our family, and drama with her friends.

Today I interviewed my grandmother. We talked about her childhood growing up in a perfect town in a perfect family. OCD runs in our family and can cause issues. We talked about where our family came from, jobs, school, and...

From Oklahoma to Belgium

Transplant a young girl from the decidedly western surroundings of Oklahoma to the old world charm of Belgium and anything can happen. For Rhanda Hasley a desire to experience the languages and customs of other cultures was ignited that burns...

Ann Glass, Odile Boubaker, and Imane Lahrir

Ann Glass [no age given] and her two house guests Odile Boubakeur (33) of France and Imane Lahrir (34) of Morocco to discuss how they all met and what their experience living and traveling together has been like.