Mayali Nelson and Alexandra Jones

I asked Mayali about her role growing up with siblings and how it shaped her view of socializing and connection. We talked about family and traditions.

Grandpa’s Tales

We talked about my Grandpa's life before children and true commitment. He shared with me what his life was like when he was younger and who his parents were. His mother was bedridden most of his life and his father...

PAALM’s decade of friendship

Interview to commemorate 10 years of friendship, a sort of time capsule in time <3

Virendra Pal Singh Gill: Retired Indian Army General

Virendra Gill (74) has a deep conversation with his granddaughter, Keya Dutt (12) about life in the Indian army and in India.

Patty and Sid

Short recap of our struggles, goals, and relationship.

Chess and Maz

A year abroad in Oxford yields a lifelong friendship. Here, two best friends reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

Interviewing my friend for an ais project :)

Today I interview my friend Lilly Miller. Listen to us talk about her life and our friendship while her brothers and dog interupt us at some moments.

The Wonderful Interview with Elizabeth

My wonderful and exciting interview with Elizabeth from the Fellowship Manor

New Friend

I'm not usually one to make friends outside of my group, but getting to know Nataly was great because she has become a close friend of mine.

Hannah Bartsch and Carlos Andres

Hannah is a fourth year Nursing major from Fort St John in Northern British Columbia (Like really far far far north). As my neighbor in Jacobsen hall, I recall our first few interactions were skirmishes over loud music from my...

Shepherd and Mama

An interview between a five-year-old and his mom. We discuss Santa Claus, Bey Blades, and all the reasons people get sad.

Levi McBride and Scott Jones

Levi McBride (20) talks with his friend Scott Jones (61) about the meaning of life, religion, and how their beliefs about both have impacted their lives.

Work and Life Friends Through a Few Decades

Jann and Mary share stories of their friendship through three decades of work and fun. How our marketing career paths chose us and the many times they crossed paths over the years. Of course, there are a few moments that...

My friend studying in Canada

My friend Yoyo Yang is studying in Canada now. It’s been a long time since we met each other. So I interviewed her for her experience in Canada.

November 27, 2018 App Interview

We talked about friendship and heritage.

Annaliese Wagers

Annaliese Wagers (17) talks with her cousin Caroline Grubele (19). Caroline discusses why she chose the path she did, what she loves about it, and where she wants to be in the future. She also talks about her friendship with...

Life’s Most Profound Moments

Life’s most profound moments, especially that of humans connecting.

Gavin & Claudia’s Interview

Claudia Munoz (18) interviews Gavin Guthrie (18) about who he takes inspiration from.

“I found being in a woman’s college, where you weren’t either competing with men all the time, absolutely wonderful.”

Maud Chaplin ’56 and Ann Roberts ’56 discuss the immediate bond they formed upon first meeting at Wellesley, and reminisce about campus life in the 1950s.

Kay Lee & John Nordeen

“We had even stronger bonds because we had survived this together.” Fifty years after serving together in Vietnam, Army veterans Kay Lee and John Nordeen sat down for StoryCorps to remember how they first met. Produced by StoryCorps. Originally aired...

Zach DeLoach

Dave asks Zach a series of questions for a class. Zach gets very personal at the end.