Extra Credit Interview

This interview was interviewing one of my good friends who I was super close to when I was younger but lost touch and are now becoming good friends again.

In the Time of the Butterflies

In this interview it was basically about Patria the oldest that interviewed Sinita which was one of Minervas closest friends. Patria just asks her a lot of what she viewed of what was happening in that time

CAC AmeriPals
February 27, 2019 App Interview

AmeriCorps members Sara, Matthew, and Nicole reflect on a year and a half of service through CAC AmeriCorps in Knoxville.


We talked about our friendship since meeting

Let Me Tell You Bout My Best Friend

I talk with one of my best friends about the impact of friendship

Interview with Demetrius during 5th hour.

We discussed one of his happiest memories and about what he is most grateful for.

A Journey Through 2007-2018

In depth about Indian culture and transitioning/contrasting to American culture. While reminiscing about favorite memories.

My mom and I (Patricia and Madelyn Birkhead) talk about her experiences growing up and her family in Missouri.

This interview, made in November 2017 in O’Fallon, Missouri, Madelyn (15) interviews her mother (50) about her childhood and her experiences growing up as well as her experiences later in life. She shares her memories of her friends and relatives....

Dave Adams discusses the aspects of his life.

In this interview, conducted in Saint Clair, PA, Logan Maurer (age 17) interviews her Uncle’s friend David Adams (65), about the different aspects of his life. Dave Adams reveals the worst parts of living in New York City and why...

Julia McDonald

Talked with her about friends and family and our friendship.

Colleen Flood interviewing her mother, Marianne Flood, about her life as a child.

My mother and I discussed what her life was like growing up as a child. She told me about some of the opportunities she had and some of her favorite memories.

Interview with my girlfriend

I interviewed my girlfriend and one of my oldest friends because I wanted to know a little more about her perspective. Devin and I have been friends for over 15 years and have recently begun a romantic relationship. This interview...

English project

Talked about some questions about life. What he is proud of and what he has enjoyed in life.

Paula Urdaneta

Me and my best friend Paula FaceTimed to talk about our friendship. We haven’t seen each other in a very long time but our friendship is intact.


Nana tells me about his life and his thoughts.

“I’m a Walkthefencer”

Asking Brynn Hamer questions about her life and our friendship.


I interviewed Haven one of my childhood friends

My Friend Lama

I interviewed my friend Lama. We got really close this school year and it was a good experience learning more about her.

Friends of 30 years (cont.)
November 23, 2017 App Interview

Jackie and Peggy friends for over 30 years talk about how they met and what it was like for Jackie growing up in America.

Interview with Raul Garai

In this interview we talk about what has happend in Raul’s life and what has made him the person he is. Being a parent and a husband also comes up in his life story, and he learns lessons he would...