Ger 320

My roommate Amanda spoke to me about her life lessons she had learned and more

Interview 3

We Talked about her childhood. Also talked about the main two people who was the biggest influences in her life.

In the Time of the Butterflies

In this interview it was basically about Patria the oldest that interviewed Sinita which was one of Minervas closest friends. Patria just asks her a lot of what she viewed of what was happening in that time

Sarisha Interviewing Margot

Sarisha Suresh (13) interviews her friend who she has known since she was five, Margot Chartock (14) over a variety of topics.


Nana tells me about his life and his thoughts.

Roommate Interview with Gracie and Hope

Hope and Gracie sit down and talk about their friendship and favorite memories.

Interview with Dad

An interview that discusses our most significant times in our lives and what we love about each other and other people.

Rachel Gorban interviewing with Schuyler Wilson

A discussion on the impact others have made in our lives and how childhood and young adult experiences shape our view of the world.

Interview with Demetrius during 5th hour.

We discussed one of his happiest memories and about what he is most grateful for.


We talk about the life in school, also about teacher and friend or some problem at school

Learning about my dad’s childhood and how he coped with losing his parents.

In this interview, conducted on April 2019 in Placentia, California, Nick Devereaux interviews his father Jim Devereaux. My father shares stories about his parents and childhood memories. Jim also goes in depth on what it was like losing both parents...


Story about a person fighting with their decision.

Great thanksgiving listen

We talked about how she grew up and who she counted on the most in her life, and we talked about our favorite memory together.

“I’m a Walkthefencer”

Asking Brynn Hamer questions about her life and our friendship.

Interview With My Bestfriend

We just talked about all the times we’ve had in the last 13 years and who has affected us through the time that we’ve known eachother.

Service and Civilian Life

We discussed what life was like for Cook in the military, some of his favorite memories, and what life was like as a civilian after being in service.