Interview with the fellas

This is a very entertaining and fun-loving interview. If you need a pick me up this is it.

Iris and Hannah

i interviewed a classmate of mine and we learned some things about each other!

Sophie Traube and her friend Max Hobhouse talk about the last seven years of his life.

In this interview, Sophie Traube interviews her friend and brother’s best friend, Max Hobhouse. They talk about their friendship, Max and Jack’s (Sophie’s brother) friendship, and his new life here in California for university after growing up in England. Max...

Life Lessons with Hoang Lam

Michael McClintock talks with his good friend Hoang Lam about life lessons, and who has been his biggest supporter and what was his happiest moment of his life! What sport did Hoang coach? Lastly, talks about loyalty and honesty.

A Forever Lasting Friendship.

Reece Bode sits down with childhood friend Wylie Trowbridge and reflect on the past; future plans.

The History of Us

In this interview with my mother, she explains how different her experience growing up in the slums of down town San Antonio and how she worked hard throughout high school, college and work to make sure that her kids have...

Growing up in New York
September 9, 2019 App Interview

Two long time friends reminisce about growing up together in Manhattan.

Interview with Marco

This interview was with someone close to me. It was an insight into their personal life and the types of things that they like.

Claire Caffery

Claire's life, experiences, and hopes.

A Friend

My friend mish and I have our first phone convo (recorded on a phone call with Mish) *FACES BLURRED FOR PRIVACY*

Interview with Zoe Pacio
June 9, 2022 App Interview

Me and my longtime friend and neighbor, go over parts of her life that I didn’t know and her perspective on our friendship.

Talk with Sam

As difficult as it is, interviewing a person you know like the back of your hand is a challenge. Getting to see how she saw things from her perspective is a new fresh of eyes, as I have always viewed...