A impromptu interview
September 22, 2022 App Interview

Tatum Wehnert and Riley Weaver both 16 ask some very important questions to each other. Including memories of youth and death

Interview with my god sister featuring funny stories

This interview is basically about my god sister’s childhood with funny stories from her college life and childhood.

My mom and I lol

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Cicero, Illinois, Efren Carreño (18) interviews his mother Maria Cardona (45) about her childhood in the country she was born

Entrevista con mi mami :)

It was mostly childhood questions. We also talked about life lessons and funny and scary stories

Aymen Sahraoui interview

In this imterview I ask my sister some questions about her life

The Poop Tank

We really talked about a bunch of funny stories my grandmother had to offer. Many brought a few chuckles from her and I.

Getting To Know The Person You Know Best

Did you ever wonder what your parents were like before you came along? On November 26, 2017, at the age of 15, Topper Guild interviewed his mother, Toni Kotite, about her childhood and how that influenced her choice of career....

Holiday Talk

interviewed me girlfriend - Jennifer pippin currently in flat rock, mi for the holidays with her family talked about a family story that happened last time we were up

Parents interview

This was really fun to make, I think I might make another one for fun


This interview was mostly spoken about memories.

Interview With Andria

We Talked About What Went On In Her Life

My Great Listen 2022 interview

I was asking questions to one of my parents about my family's past.

Aunt Jessica’s Interview

We talked about her past and how things were growing up.

Ela interview

Joel Woodward and I mostly talked about his life in the service and how it has effected him to this day.

Dad nearly blows up his apartment building

Dad tells the story of the dumbest thing he's ever done with a little bit of Mom's commentary in the mix. In a three word summary: gasoline, fire, stupidity...