Learning and Interviewing my Grandparents to learn more about their lives.

My grandparents, Kevin Walsh and Geraldine Walsh, grew up on the island of Newfoundland. They grew up in a time that was different from ours but had some similarities. My grandpa’s dad died when he was 12 and he was...

Thanksgiving project (interviewing my mom)

We talked about who she missed and her memories. Also the dumbest thing she ever did and if she had any regrets.

Jordan Interview with his Mother

this interview is about my mom and her life story. this interview shows how she became the person she is today.

We are dusty

We started the interview off with the basic questions provided but ended it shortly with our "dusty acts".

Keep pushing

A heart warming and inspirational interview between a 16 year old boy named kanaan Rogers, and his 80 year old grandma: ms.mcwillis. This interview is about her childhood in Arkansas moving into Chicago.

Grandpa Mike

He owned horses when he was young!!! We luv him!

AP Language – Great Thanksgiving Listening

I decided to interview my grandma, Marcia, in which we touched based on many topics. We started off the interview with her expressing her childhood living in Trinidad and Tobago as well as her and grandpa's relationship. As we continued...

Seth Henson Interview

We talked about Seth's family and some of his important political beliefs.

The life of my Chemistry teacher

I asked Mr.Fornaro my chemistry teacher many things he is or was grateful for in the past. We get into specifics on how it's been for him teaching chemistry class for our grade and this year.

Gossip with the Grandparents

Dishing the gossip with my grandparents about their lives and what it was like growing up in their generation. *Funny stories alert!*


I asked my mom some questions I wanna know

Extra credit: A millennial view.

I interviewed a close friend of mine. This is also a pilot for a podcast channel I am working on.