Interview with eight year old Charley (a girl)

Charley talks about her favorite thing to do — swim! Also, a few words about LONDON, England swimmers.

Getting To Know The Person You Know Best

Did you ever wonder what your parents were like before you came along? On November 26, 2017, at the age of 15, Topper Guild interviewed his mother, Toni Kotite, about her childhood and how that influenced her choice of career....

Student interview practice(Leo)

He has had lots to tough times and he has made great memories and he is also a great friend to me and lots of other people

english project

my mom telling her most memorable childhood experience

Grandpa The Storyteller

In this interview, we talk about my grandfathers childhood, how he meet my grandmother, how my father was when he was a kid, and about our traditions. Highlights: 0:00-0:20 (introduction), 4:40-8:36, 11:52-16:53, 16:55-22:35, 22:38-27:42, 27:43-34:50, 34:51-38:52

Interview With Andria

We Talked About What Went On In Her Life

Seth Henson Interview

We talked about Seth’s family and some of his important political beliefs.

Know about me True2u

We talked about our lives and this was the best experience ever

Brotherly love

We talked a little bit about his child hood. I also asked home how he felt towards me

Levi Griffith

In this recording Levi at Washington junior high school in Bentonville,Arkansas, records an audio file for StoryCorps. Levi is in seventh grade, And I’m Levi and I’m interviewing my meme.

Early Friendship

The interview cut off so we had to start another one

Creepy Sleepover with a Possessed Baby Brother

A sleepover isn’t new at all, but add in a “possessed” baby brother, that’s scary. Ashlyn tells this funny scary sleepover. They all lived in Australia.

Nikk and Shelby Wood

Questions about life, love, faith and family. And Nikk’s poor taste in clothes.

Belonging in the Past

A glimpse into the life of an all America man who, loved, lived, never let the past weigh him down.

Kyra pronounced kyyyyyra

Dillon moss is extremely exquisite and really great in this so u should listen and learn

Theology Project

We talked about my family and a few things about her work. I learned some thins I did not know about my mom