Lisa Yemma and Larry Yemma

Lisa Yemma (49) shares a conversation with her father, Larry Yemma (72), about his family, his plans for the future, memory loss, and how he has been feeling recently.

Annaliese Wagers

Annaliese Wagers (17) talks with her cousin Caroline Grubele (19). Caroline discusses why she chose the path she did, what she loves about it, and where she wants to be in the future. She also talks about her friendship with...

John DelGuercio and Jeff Cheng

Jeff Cheng (18) talks to John DelGuercio (19) about music, his plans for the future, and views on life.

Derrick Brown and Rob Alexander

Spouses Derrick "Chip" Brown (51) and Rob Alexander (49) discuss purpose, intention, and the acceptance that came with their commitment to one another.

Girls' Time

Lucine He (21) talks with her roommate, Sunny (21) about their future plannings. They start with the recent final week project, and then talk about their plans for the summer to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination, and finally look...

2 brothers, 1 heart

This interview is meant to connect and create bridges between my brother Daniel and myself Thomas. This is my first Ep. so please enjoy...

Summer Ehrig and Jerry Lawrence

Summer Ehrig (25) interviews her grandfather Jerry Lawrence (72) about his upbringing and how he feels about his family's future.

Hannah Shaw and Allen Shaw

Hannah Shaw (28) shares a conversation with her father, Allen Shaw (72), about Allen’s childhood, his family, his career, and how his perspective on life has changed over time.


The topics discussed in their interview were what Danielle's childhood was like, and traits about herself. Also what her future plans are going to be.

Tristen Reagor

Tristen Reagor: 2020-06-12 19:58:26, I interviewed my little brother age 12 on an assortment of life questions , such as childhood, school, job plans and future plans

Gina’s Life

I ask Gina questions about her childhood leading up to her future plans.

My interview with my daughter Destinee

I interviewed my daughter to ask her about her point of view of how our family's migration has helped pave the path for her future. I also asked her how she views our family structure and overall dynamics. We often...

Margaret McCaskill and Diane Mack

Diane Mack (74) interviews her friend and mentee Margaret McCaskill [no age given] about her childhood memories, her passions for reading books and writing poetry, and her hopes for the future.

Laura DeGrande and Israel Gonzalez

Mother Laura DeGrande (35) and her son Israel Gonzalez (17) discuss their respective upbringings, favorite memories and hopes for the future.

A causal interview with my aunt
November 26, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my aunt khyla. She is 21 years old. I wanted to interview my aunt because she always has funny stories to tell and she has pretty good advice. We talked about pretty basic things like school or generations....

Jessikah [no name given] and Kiera Monroe

Friends Jessikah [no last name given] (20) and Kiera Monroe (19) have a deep conversation about life and death, love, spirituality, and how they would like to be remembered.


We talked about life and what my mom think about for my future.

“I’ve learned that it takes effort to keep a relationship alive.”

Brianna and Tristan talked about viewpoints on relationships and their future. Also referring to their parents and other loved ones that have made impacts on their lives

Gloria Veal, Larry Veal, and Larry Veal

Gloria Veal (68) talks with her son Larry "Jay" Veal Jr. (38) and her husband Larry Veal (64) about life lessons they've learned, thoughts on their future, knowledge they have received, reflections on work ethic, and love for each other.