Summer Ehrig and Jerry Lawrence

Summer Ehrig (25) interviews her grandfather Jerry Lawrence (72) about his upbringing and how he feels about his family's future.

Thoughts about studying abroad

Serena and her friend Cathy are talking about studying abroad. What problems does she concern and how she will face it? What expectations do she have?

2 brothers, 1 heart

This interview is meant to connect and create bridges between my brother Daniel and myself Thomas. This is my first Ep. so please enjoy...

Hannah Shaw and Allen Shaw

Hannah Shaw (28) shares a conversation with her father, Allen Shaw (72), about Allen’s childhood, his family, his career, and how his perspective on life has changed over time.


The topics discussed in their interview were what Danielle's childhood was like, and traits about herself. Also what her future plans are going to be.

Tristen Reagor

Tristen Reagor: 2020-06-12 19:58:26, I interviewed my little brother age 12 on an assortment of life questions , such as childhood, school, job plans and future plans

An English Lesson in Kyoto- 12-23-2023 10:19:15

An interview between Taisuke Okumura (14 y.o) and his English teacher, Duncan Brotherton, taken in the Oharano area of Kyoto City, Japan. We talked about life, memories, and the future.

thanksgiving interview

today I interviewed Mrs. roar she is my PLT teacher we talked about her life leading up to now like where she grew up and where she went to school and her goals for the future.

Courtney Cardisco and Justin Cardisco

Courtney Cardisco (36) shares a conversation with her husband, Justin Cardisco (37). They discuss favorite memories, life wisdom, how they first met, and the future.

Open hands with Jana Dickman

Jana Dickman tells some of her essential story after returning to The United States from Indonesia in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our conversation includes her experience teaching abroad when COVID-19 began, being evacuated from Southeast Asia in Spring...

Amy Bushman and Hannah Bushman

Amy Bushman (47) interviews her daughter Hannah Bushman (23) about her childhood memories, her family, and her favorite things in the world.

Gloria Veal, Larry Veal, and Larry Veal

Gloria Veal (68) talks with her son Larry "Jay" Veal Jr. (38) and her husband Larry Veal (64) about life lessons they've learned, thoughts on their future, knowledge they have received, reflections on work ethic, and love for each other.

Willa Green and Diego Anell

Partners Willa Green (27) and Diego Anell (26) reflect on how their relationship has changed over the past five years and discuss plans for their shared future.

college success

I interviewed my sister Anna, 18 years old. I asked her about her favorite memories, biggest accomplishments, and future school plans.

“I’ve learned that it takes effort to keep a relationship alive.”

Brianna and Tristan talked about viewpoints on relationships and their future. Also referring to their parents and other loved ones that have made impacts on their lives

Interview with my Mom

A chat with Cindy Pham about her experiences from Vietnam and challenges after moving to America

Starfish project with Caitlin and Julius

For our class project on empathy and working through difference, Julius and Caitlin were paired up to talk about life in high school and their hopes for their futures.

Recording – 11-20-2023 09:43:54

I interviewed agum she is 14 and she is my friend. The topic we discussed was goals and aspirations for the future. also what her life would look like if she didn’t accomplish these goals.

“Generations of Friends Lead to Life-Long Friendships”

There is nothing more comforting, and kind of scary, than knowing that there is someone out there who knows everything about you. I like to say Jordan was handed to me. With our entire family growing up as best friends,...

Nedved Tiernan (Ethan eubank

The interview was mainly about him describing his future goals. He also explained his dream future what jobs and where he wanted to live. Lastly, he talked about how he got helped to get to his future goals


I (Ava, 14) interview best friends and neighbors Christopher (11) and Colette (10). Christopher is my brother and Colette neighbor and family friend. They talk about their friendship and their futures.

Girls' Time

Lucine He (21) talks with her roommate, Sunny (21) about their future plannings. They start with the recent final week project, and then talk about their plans for the summer to prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination, and finally look...