Rachel Yves and John Linnehan

One Small Step conversation partners Rachel Yves (30) and John Linnehan (74) talk about religion, religious values, moral agency, and the role religion plays in their lives.

Spencer Lucker, Liz Lucker, and Mary Machen

Spencer Lucker (33) and his parents, Liz Lucker (70) and Mary Machen (71), reflect on Liz and Mary’s experience raising a son as a gay couple in Little Rock, Arkansas. Liz and Mary give words of advice to Spencer as...

Victoria Berdanis-Dukart and Rosanne Berdanis-Dukart

Wives Victoria "Vickie" Berdanis-Dukart (57) and Rosanne Berdanis-Dukart (49) tell the story of their relationship, from how they initially met, to a 5 1/2 year period of not seeing each other, to their eventual marriage and life together.

Chase Crowson and Christian Duncan

Chase Crowson, 40, talks with Christian Duncan, 34, about Chase’s medical condition, his three surgeries, his withdrawal from methadone, and their marriage to one another. Although Chase was born with two congenital conditions, he did not develop any symptoms until...

Kevin Kellogg and Stewart Pearce

Kevin Kellogg is interviewed by his partner and future husband Stewart Pearce about how the role Lincoln Center has played in his life, the Metropolitan Opera how they met their relationship and pending marriage.

Interview with one of the first legally married same sex couples in Tennessee

An interview with Darlene and Ann Jacobs-Anderson: one of the first legally married same sex couples in Tennessee. They are my parents, my mother (Darlene) and her wife (Ann) married just two and a half months after gay marriage was...

Stonewall OutLoud

We talked about the community, how far it has come, and shared some stories from his lifetime and his experiences.

Civil Conversation

I asked my sisters boyfriend several questions on political issues i believe are a problem in the us.

The adventures of Bill and Barry : two old Queens in Ft. Lauderdale and their life in showbiz on land and sea

Bill Yule, a Canadian, and Barry Ball, an Australian, recount their 56 years together, how they met on stage in Australia, traveled the world together as a cruise ship singing act in the 1970s and ended up living together in...

Marina Gomberg and Elenor Gomberg

Spouses Elenor Gomberg (37) and Marina Gomberg (38) talk about how they began dating, the story of getting married to each other when gay marriage was legalized, and becoming parents together. Marina and Elenor talk about the process of getting...

Lindsi H. and Jessica Holzemer

One Small Step Partners Lindsi H. (35) and Jessica Holzemer (39) talk about caregiving, coping with grief, and the values at the center of their personal and political identities.

Taliatha Hudson-Palmer and Nancy Kalina

One Small Step partners Taliatha Hudson-Palmer (43) and Nancy Kalina (58) discuss their experiences in same-sex marriages, and how their Jewish and Mormon upbringings shaped their identities.

Jeffrey Robinson and Juan Bustamante

Jeffrey Robinson (58) and his husband Juan Bustamante (48) talk about how their friends came together to help them plan their pagan wedding over 25 years ago and how having a legal document as proof of marriage was not the...

Monica Rivera and Carmen Rivera

Spouses Monica Rivera (40) and Carmen Rivera (42) reflect on parenting two adopted multiracial boys as a queer couple.

Michael Edwards and Teresa Edwards

Teresa Edwards (45) interviews her uncle Michael Edwards (62) on his childhood and marrying his husband after 38 years of being together.