Walk a Mile in Someone Else’s “Chappal”: My StoryCorps interview with my 53 year-old mother

Me and my mother talked about what her life was like growing up in India and her experience of immigrating to the US.

My mom’s story about perseverance
February 12, 2018 App Interview

My mom was unfairly kicked off a boys soccer team solely because she is a girl. They let her try out for the team because they didn't offer a girls soccer team. The school board decided to kick her off...

Marcia Oates and Ann Mershon

One Small Step Conversation partners Marcia Oates (68) and Ann Marie Mershon (73) talk about their careers as school teachers and what they learned, the progress or lack there of on women's rights in their lifetime, abortion, and women's athletics.

A Chit Chat with Nan

My grandmother, Philomena, told me about life growing up in Ireland, her experiences as an immigrant, her career as a nurse, and her thoughts on generation Z.

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Termination of employment due to gender inequality in the workplace.

Siempre Luchar

My aunt tells her story as she experienced sexual assault at her very first job at the young age of 16, as well as her expectations and experiences working as a Nursing Assistant in the U.S.

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

In this interview, Estefania shares her experiences with gender inequality in her workplace within the medical field. She highlights the importance of women standing up for themselves and emphasizes the need to view themselves highly against negativity regarding gender inequality.

Gender Inequality/Non-Binary

My names Enrique Aguilera I interviewed my friend Navi on their opinion on Gender Inequality and how it affects people who are non-binary

The 1950s: What was Taught, What was Learned, and What was Known

We discussed what my Nana learned in her history classes, and what was taught about society in general. We specifically mentioned gender inequality and women’s rights, as well as what was expected in regards to segregation.

Marla Barthen and Madeline Carpenter

Marla Barthen (50) shares a conversation with her mentee, Madeline Carpenter (20), about the women’s rights movement and what people of different generations can contribute to that movement.