How is living in the digital age as a millennial

In our interview, Sean and I discussed living life as part of the younger generation and growing up with technology. As well as the pros and cons that come with it.

Teacher Talk – Don't Know Much About History: An Interview with Don and Gabriella Sheffler

Don't know much about history? Gabriella Sheffler advises students to find their own history. Listen to this chat with the two teachers in my family - my husband Don, who teaches photography, and my daughter Gabriella who teaches history. My...


Here I am interviewing my mother (Desiree), Aunt Denise and Cousin Rachel

Interview with my Mother

I have a conversation with my mom.I ask about her life in Mexico and how it is differing from her life in the US.

Jenny Rask Interview with Father Gene Barth Rask. Number 1

Jenny Rask: 2020-08-23 19:07:45 Jenny Rask interviews her father Gene Rask in their first chat. How and when his grandparents arrived in the US and a look into where they came from in Lebanon around 1898.

Herb Ingram & Deacon Wolfe

Deacon Wolfe, student at Westwood High School in Austin, TX, speaks with Hillcrest Baptist Church Second Half Ministry member Herb Ingram about growing up Texan, life in the military, and what Jesus means to him.

Thankful with Aunt Sally

Sophie and Sally (niece and aunt) discuss Sally’s life and advice for future generations.

K. Jane Duncan and Kathryn Grady

Kathryn Grady (51) interviews her mother, K. Jane Duncan (80), about her childhood, her travels, her teaching career, her experience raising two children as single mother, and how her attitude toward traditional gender roles has changed throughout the course of...

To find a better understanding of how technology has impacted our lives
December 3, 2020 App Interview

Im a 19 year old student that attends Virginia Commonwealth University and I’m interviewing my 55 year old mother about the impact of technology during her lifetime.

Class Project

An interveiw with my mother about her life and how events in her life have effected her to this day.


A summary of this interview is I realized that Lurick really wants younger generation of his family to look up to him. He wants them to know how to handle their lives. He also has no regrets even though he...

Valerie Fields and Floyd Fields

Valerie Fields (59) shares a conversation with her father, Floyd FIelds (85), about his life, challenges their family has faced because of racism, and the importance of education.

Grandpa ford interview

Asked my grandfather about life and his upbringing

Gma Noys

This interview revolved around mostly our family generations, her childhood, and advice. I asked at least 20 questions.

My Mother and I

My mother told me stories about past generations, her generation, and my generation.

Stephanie Zeck, Rhonda Zeck, and Leland Creecy

Rhonda Zeck (48) and her daughter Stephanie Zeck (22) interview Rhonda's father and Stephanie's grandfather, LeLand J. Creecy, Sr. (81), about his experiences coming up during segregation, his family history and his outlook on life.


Random conversations between an Irvine grandma and her granddaughter.

Interview with my mom

In my interview, I picked 3 good question that describes about my mom of family,memories and our family.

Life Lessons with Chan pt.4

On this final part of Life Lessons with Chan, he talked about all the life regrets he doesn’t have! He believes that all of the “mistakes” he’s made were an opportunity for him to grow and learn. Maybe he shouldn’t...