Life Lessons with Chan pt.4

On this final part of Life Lessons with Chan, he talked about all the life regrets he doesn’t have! He believes that all of the “mistakes” he’s made were an opportunity for him to grow and learn. Maybe he shouldn’t...

Fireside Chat with my Father
November 25, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, my father talks about his childhood and his work experiences and how they have affected him.

Stephanie Zeck, Rhonda Zeck, and Leland Creecy

Rhonda Zeck (48) and her daughter Stephanie Zeck (22) interview Rhonda's father and Stephanie's grandfather, LeLand J. Creecy, Sr. (81), about his experiences coming up during segregation, his family history and his outlook on life.

My Mother and I

My mother told me stories about past generations, her generation, and my generation.

Latifa Johnson and Rosheka Davis

Partners Rosheka Davis (44) and Latifa Johnson (41) speak about their religious and spiritual beliefs.

Geological stories run in families, inspiring the next generation. An interview with Alik Ismail-Zadeh, Ramesh Singh, and Ritesh Gautam

With experiences from Azerbaijan, India and the United States, three scientists discuss how they’ve shared their passion for science in society and data transparency from generation to generation. They hope future generations continue to use data to help people withstand...

My Grandpas Journey

My grandfather talks about how things have changed in today’s society and how his life has made him the man he is today.

Alaina Hebert and Pat Barnard

Pat Barnard (36) talks to his friend and colleague Alaina Hebert (28) about his son's battle with cancer, how he has maintained a positive outlook on life, and his reflections on Cajun heritage.

Interview with my mom

In my interview, I picked 3 good question that describes about my mom of family,memories and our family.

10 questions with my dad

This 10 question interview I asked my dad some questions about his childhood and some about me.

Music's Effect on the Nemec Generation

This interview follows Kylie Nemec, who talks with her grandfather William Nemec about his childhood, and how music has greatly affected his life as well as his kin afterwards.

Thanksgiving Interview

Sydney and Paige Harris talk on November 30, 2019 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama about growing up and perspectives on life. Paige talks about patriotism and issues within the United States.

American Progress

I interviewed my dad about how America is changing, and has changed in the last century.


Random conversations between an Irvine grandma and her granddaughter.

Interviewing grandpa about his orphanage days

Seven year old Dalia interviews her 80 year old grandpa about growing up in a New York orphanage.

The Influence of Media: Then vs. Now

This interview covers what the influence of media has had on the older generation growing up while also relating to the influence that the media currently has on the different generations.