A little nerdy conversation

I catch up with a dear friend of mine and talk about her goals, and then reminiscent of our time in highschool.

Margaret Kondrick tells her great granddaughter, Emily, about growing up and her life in Western Pennsylvania.

In this interview, taken in November 2019 in Rural Ridge, Pennsylvania, Emily Kondrick (16) interviews her grandmother, Margaret Kondrick (84), about her childhood and growing up in West Deer and Rural Ridge, Pennsylvania. Ms. Kondrick talks about being born during...

Thoughts regarding Covid-19

A simple, yet personal account of Covid-19 by Marcello Aedo a UCF student from Miami, FL.

Jailene Williams
December 1, 2022 App Interview

Jailene Williams is my 11 year old daughter participate. In this interview we discussed school and family.

Interview with my father

My father, Joseph Pass, and I talk about his journey, family, community, and passions. Learned more about life in Michigan as a child in the 60s and 70s.

Oral History Interview-the 60’s

Madison Schmidt was the interviewer and Deb Heleine, her Grandma was the interviewee. The topics discussed were life during the 60’s including the Vietnam war, music during this time, and activities available to people during this time.

Interview With my Mother

Here I have an interview with my mother over her life.

Hannah Connolly and her cousin Miriam talk about life before and during COVID-19 and guess what life will be like after.

In this interview, conducted on July 23, 2020 in Waxhaw, North Carolina, Hannah Connolly (19) interviews her cousin Miriam Urban (6) about how the corona virus has impacted her life. She also talks about what life was like before the...

School Back Then

This is an interview about schooling and life during a segregated era. We get into a very good talk about things I did not know. Hopefully you can learn about a time that you had not known about.

Class of 2020-Rex Hirvonen, William Lou

We talked about high school and our experiences here. We also talked about life after high school too.

Jon Volpe and his aunt Betty interview about family background and school

Jon Volpe and Aunt Betty talk about past family experiences and school opinions.

Grandma interview

I talked to my grandma about her childhood and her jobs.

Grandma interview

In this interview me and my grandma talk about her past life and what was it like back then.

Oz Geoghegan’s international childhood; growing up in different continents

Talking to my Japanese mother about her life growing up and how moving influenced her childhood and later life decisions.

School Interview

I asked my associate, Tristan, about the Computer Science field.

Theology IV : Interview Faris

We talked about how faith is important in a relationship and the advice he would give others.