Robecca and Kyree
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Kyree(17) catches up with his friend Robecca(18). They do so by utilizing Storycorps questions.

Morgan Hughes

Morgan Hughes: 2022-12-05 04:21:00

Her Story

I interviewed my mother,Reina Trejo, about her life story and how she felt after having have had to come to a foreign country. her experience has made me feel forever grateful for what i have had my entire life.

Luke Volpe and Secret Santa

This recording is a part of my Secret Santa gift to Luke. fitzfour113: 2020-12-22 20:28:31

Kindra Brown

Kindra Brown: 2023-09-20 00:14:57

Valerie Suárez and José Suárez

Valerie Suárez (16) talks with her father, Jose Suárez (41) about his life and his best and worst memories.

meritt bigus

meritt bigus: 2021-11-09 14:06:48

Heidi Repp
September 13, 2022 App Interview

Heidi Repp: 2022-09-13 23:31:10

Matt Hancock

Matt Hancock: 2023-09-08 03:00:11

Skyler Blest & Hollie Navarro
November 20, 2020 App Interview

Skyler Blest (age 22) and Hollie Navarro's (age 20) interview for Soc111-5W1. Questions Included: Can you tell me about one of your happiest memories? Can you tell me about one of your most difficult memories? What do you feel most...

Daysi Parada & Daysi Mejia

I interviewed my mother about her moment in life and more in depth about her experience in the civil war at El Salvador.

Brenda Barnes and Samantha Barnes discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Samantha Barnes (19) talks with her mother Brenda (54) about how her neighborhood collectively achieved the carbon neutrality goal for 2030. She reflects on their efforts towards solar implementation, governmental outreach, and waste reduction.