Brian Chan and Gabriel Cruz

Brian Chan (18) talks with his friend, Gabriel Cruz (17) about his childhood and upbringing, as well as his experience with the pandemic and how it has affected his life.

Silas and Jessica Devereaux

Today, I (Silas Devereaux) interview my mom about her life.

Eli Harris and Patsy Tyvand

Eli Harris interviews Patsy Tyvand about her experiences as a mediator with the Center for Dialog & Resolution.

Eli Harris and Moifair Chin

Eli Harris interviews Moifair Chin about her experiences as a mediator with the Center for Dialog + Resolution.

Dane Dowell and Holly Dowell – Wife of 47 Years and Mother of Four.

May 10, 2020 - Dane Dowell (36) talks with mother, Holly Carter Dowell (68) about her life, from growing up in Virginia, eldest of six kids, to being a wife and mother of four kids and moving around the United...

Annie Davis and Susan Shaw (granddaughter interviewing grandmother)

Annie Davis: 2020-05-22 21:35:30 Annie (14) and her grandma, Susan (76) discuss past hardships, family life, important lessons learned and valued, and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maxine Kilgore & Susan Hetler

Maxine Kilgore: 2020-12-07 21:40:58 Maxine Kilgore (13) interviews Susan Hetler (her grandmother) about important life lessons and memorable experiences. Susan Hetler shares her experiences at art school, her midwifery knowledge, and shares some very important pieces of advice.

Elijah Coles

Elijah Coles: 2020-12-02 00:03:00

Ashley Shold and Joy Garner

Ashley Shold and Joy Garner sit down and talk about how they became friends, Joy growing up in California and some of her teaching highlights from the past 17 years. Shold and Garner became friends in 2016 while teaching middle...

Avi Levine and Gabby Santini

Avi Levine(17) is interviewing his classmate Gabby Santini(17) about her favorite hobby, swimming.

learning about my dad

Veda and her father talk about his childhood in India.

Marie Gregg and Jordin West

Marie Gregg (36) and Jordin West (33), classmates in ICS510: Mission, Context, and Ecclesial Life at Nazarene Theological Seminary. A practice interview for the final ethnographic project.

Two veterans speak (Armistad): One Voice and One Story At A Time

Angela Sanders is a veteran dedicated to sharing the experiences of fellow veterans. This is an interview with Everett Armistad a U.S. Army Veteran.

Michael and Barbara Woldemar

Michael and Barbara Woldemar (75) talk with their granddaughters, Charlotte (15) and Norah (13) Tama about their parents, grandparents, childhood, and how they met growing up in Petaluma, California.

Victoria Cheung and Sipeng Zhang Discuss Coping with the Climate Crisis

Victoria Cheung and Sipeng Zhang, classmates in the University of Michigan's SEAS program, discuss the climate crisis and what coping techniques can help with this challenge.