Grandparents interview

Am interview between Frank and Suzanne, who have been married for 57 years, and their seventeen year old granddaughter

Sanay Ma: Judith Van Wakeman
September 9, 2018 App Interview

This is an interview with my advocate/grandmother on career, success, experiences, expectations, roles, etc.


Karmen talks about her goals in the future and how she is not able to express herself

Martha Sparrow and Hamid Safi

Hamid Safi (26) and his sponsor, Martha Sparrow [no age given], share a conversation about Hamid's emigration from Afghanistan to the United States, his upbringing in Kunar, Afghanistan, and his hopes both for his future and for the future of...

Nurse Alda

Interviewing Alda about her future career in nursing.

How a Dad Influences His Son

Jorge Esparza, 19, talks about the biggest influence in his life, his dad. He talks about his struggles, his challenges, and how he became his biggest hero.

Hard Working, Learning at a Young Age, and from a Trade School

Learning about my mom and how she became an incredible hard worker, and historical events that I discussed with her. (This is my first interview which cut out due to a FaceTime call that I tried to Decline. Interview between...

Interview with Adam

We talked about what goals Adam wanted to accomplish. We also talked about his views of me and his family.

A Step Towards a Clear Mind

My first official recording on here. Topic of passion. The recording got cut off at the end because I forgot to turn on airplane mode and I received a phone call. The last thing I wanted to to say is...


We talked about life an relationship

Dee Armstrong and Martha Jones

Best friends Dee Armstrong [no age given] and Martha Jones [no age given] talk about Martha's career as a teacher, Dee's career as a news anchor, and what makes the two of them such great friends. They also discuss the...

La vida de MsCruz y sus obstaculos y sus metas .

Lo que hablamos fue que Ms cruz y su familia y lo que queria ser un dia de su abuelo y por que ella queria ser maestra por que le gustaba mucho la educacion

Angelica’s interview

Angelica was 20 yrs old when she first immigrated to the United States. She has now lived in Austin, Texas for 26 years, where she was filled with aspirations to just make a better life for herself and now for...

Shay McLean

This interview is of my 46 year old mother Shay McLean. She originally grew up in Glendora, California, but has lived here in Henderson, Nevada for the last 10 years or so. She is a special education teacher for CCSD....

Mother and Son

Mother and son talk about the past and future together.

Student Interview about elementary school and parts of her life.

10th grade student Jamie North interviews Kamryn at Plymouth Highschool Michigan about elementary school and other parts of her life. Interview taken on Wednesday December 7th 2022.

Story Corps Interview

i interviewed seb and learned about his values , goals and role models