Oral History Interview

Today I learned things about my Granny that I never knew I would enjoy learning. Her intelligence and warming soul made this interview worth so much more.


Tells story of her life

My dad

This interview is about my dad telling me about his life.

Interview with Ray

I interviewed Ray about how food impacted his life.

Jessie Lemus interview

This is an interview between me and my sister.

in the mind of derek torres

digging a little deeper into the mind of the high school senior derek torres. his life a little more in depth. how and who he is what made him who made him.

Questions with Kerry/my mom

I loved talking with my mom it allowed me to know her better it was a liveful conversation with her. It also had a little bit of comedy my mom is a very funny carehasmatic sometimes sarcastic harworking loving mom....

Bryce Spelhaug Extra Credit Interview

The interview was about my grandmother, Maxine Odom, and her life as well as things have changed in the world from when she was my age till now.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My papaw shared memories & lessons he’s learned from his life so far.

Random Questions with my sister:)

Me and my sister talked about random questions about our life.

Storytelling Assignment

I sat down and talked with my grandmother about her past life. And then some more about the future.

1st interview
November 23, 2022 App Interview

Dad’s mom’s life. Happy story’s. Interview at Thanksgiving. 11-23-22

Oliver R.

Oliver R. and his life story.

Storytelling assignment- Will Crump

We talked about growing up and about stories and feelings we had.

Service Learning

The intricacies of human life and the intricacy of my mother’s life.

Isaiah Collins

Honestly I just asked him about his life then started asking about what he thought about certain things in life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Interview with my grandmother

I interviewed my grandmother, she had many stories to tell about her younger years. Shared stories of her growing up living in a full household. She reminisced on meeting her husband of 59 years and shared with me her saddest...

Interview with a friend

An interview with Nekane Moyer about life and such.

Interview With Grandpa

I interviewed my 82 year old grandpa about his life and what advice he had to give to me.


This is an interview with my mom

My grandfather

The funniest things my grandfather did

Story Corps.

Hobbies and careers are talked about in this session.