Mental health on young minority adults.

KMK starts off episode two with three special guests to talk about mental health and how it affects minorities and young black men.

Health portion questions

me and my best friend Olivia talking about what contributes to health, problems in mental health, what we consider to be healthy, etc. This interview revolves around health in the mind and body.

Susan Shearouse and Amy Williams

One Small Step partners Susan Shearouse (74) and Amy "Lisa" Williams (47) discuss the origins of their political beliefs, their differing views on abortion, and their hopes and fears for our country.

Nursing at Drexel

Ellie talks about her struggle with mental health after dealing with troubles in her college education.

More Than I Could Have Ever Imagined
September 24, 2021 App Interview

Jessica Giangrasso discusses how a circumstantial event in early adulthood wound up marking the beginning of a meaningful, humanitarian career in mental health counseling.

Michele Grover and Greg DeCross

Michele Grover (77) and Greg DeCross (56) come together as One Small Step partners and exchange lived experiences. They discover many common themes in their lives, including having children with different views to theirs, open conceptions of faith, experiences with...

My lifelong best friend and I

I decided to interview my best/lifelong best friend Sam. Throughout this interview we talked about childhood, high school, quarantine, and some really hard topics. Sam opened up about struggling with depression and an eating disorder and how she overcame those...


Kyle Gronau (20) talks with Rob Cloutier (40) about self-esteem and confidence in adolescent distance runners. Rob first talks about his own experience growing up and running while dealing with a difficult home life, then gets into his job as...

Mental Health

When I was 9, I wanted to work in the mental hospital. My grandma used to tell me stories about it all the time, so I asked my grandma a couple questions about it. I now think that working in...

Mental Health and Improving Oneself

Mina Campos, an 18 year old student at Elizabethtown College interviewed her college peer Nathan, who she finds as a great mentor and even better friend. She interviewed him on mental health where they talked about the experiences and path...

Tyler Beam and Sarah Davis

One Small Step participants Tyler Beam (44) and Sarah Davis (40) discuss their experiences living abroad, what it's like pursuing a second career and master's degree in their forties, their political beliefs, and their spiritual identities.

Week 3 Interview

Interviewing my fiancé Emma about a few of her philosophical views and her best memories.

An Insite Inside Ana’s Mind

Ana and I talk about how she’s found herself in the past few months and our thoughts on mental health

Jacqueline Smith and Alison Leras

Jacqueline and Alison discuss Jacqueline's journey to becoming a Home Health Social worker, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted her patients and herself.

“Fuck My Mental Health, Right?”

This is an interview that discusses a suicide attempt of a young 18 year old female.

Why do I have to be medicated to fit into this society?

Chris A (32) responding to the interview question: Are there specific circumstances or factors that lead to you going off your mental health medications?

Medical history interview

We talked about experiences with health care as a child, as an adult, and during the pandemic.