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Interview with Juliana Chavarro

Interview was with Juliana Chavarro, age 19, and Daniela Semino, age 18. Semino was the interviewer and Chavarro was the Interviewee. They have been best friends since 7th grade, 6 years. In the interview they discuss childhood, school, and mental...

Growing up with different cultured parents.

Aniah Janae Scott a 16 year old High School Senior. Dabria and Aniah are good friend during high school and until now. Both came from a background of different cultures and households. Here Aniah talks about how her parents childhood...

Mental Health During College Years

Yudemis Sanchez (23), a recent college graduate is interviewed by her sister, Yudeliz Sanchez (20), about her college experience and the difficulties she faced with her mental health and academics. Yudemis lost a teammate to suicide during her first year...