Roxana’s practice

We talked about the future, scholarships, and jobs. We also talked about memories and what they mean to us.

Interview with my grandmother

I did an interview with my grandmother who lives in Buffalo, New York. We talked about her childhood and how it was growing up.

Hannah Merrill and her father, Greg Merrill, discuss his childhood and thoughts during the time of the pandemic.

In this interview, conducted in November 2021 in Flower Mound, Texas, Hannah Merrill (16), interviews her father Greg Merrill (44) on his childhood and his thoughts during the time of the pandemic. Mr. Merrill first answers as to if he...

Me and my Cousin

I interviewed my cousin Stephanie, and I asked her questions about her childhood, career, and family. I got to know my cousin a lot more and I’m glad that I chose to do this interview with her.

Susan Kelley and Grace Kelley

Susan Kelley (57) sits down with her mother, Grace Kelley (89), to talk about her experience immigrating to the United States from Palestine, to discuss her passions for nursing and music, and to remember members of their family who have...

Aaron Patty and Maggie

Just general things we learned about one another

School Interview

I asked my associate, Tristan, about the Computer Science field.

Persia Gratitude Choi

We talked about how my parents met, and what types of music my father listened to.

My mom and me

I asked my mom questions about herself and what she had been through.

practice interview

we talked about his job what he teaches

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This podcast includes insight from my grandmother’s life and how she spent her days when she was my age and younger.

School Back Then

This is an interview about schooling and life during a segregated era. We get into a very good talk about things I did not know. Hopefully you can learn about a time that you had not known about.

The life of David Spirt.

I Bradley Spirt interviewed my grandpa, David Spirt on November 23, 2018 in Pennsylvania. We discussed how is childhood was and how school was, how he met my Grandma. When he was in school he went to an all boys...

Tell Me a Story

I sit down with my father to talk about his childhood and reflect on his 63 years of life.

My fear story

This is the story of my fear and what happened and its a true storu


Crevecoeur's American Dream


We talked about hardships and what you want to be remembered as.

Patrick and Dad

I asked him about his childhood and where he went to school as a kid. He went to college at John Carrol University by Cleveland Ohio where he met my mom.