Interview with a Professor
November 10, 2022 App Interview

A brief discussion with my federal government professor Kelly Bell-Dorothy.

American Interview

We were talking about the American Dream and roles of citizens, government, and other countries in our world.

Interview On Government
September 10, 2021 App Interview

During the interview we talked about questions relating to the government and his views on the government.

Katina Moss and Qian Cheng

One Small Step partners Katina Moss (49) and Qian Cheng (31) share a conversation about their identities and their experiences in the United States. Qian talks about her experience as an immigrant from China and Katina speaks about her experience...

Electoral Process

This is podcast talks about how the electoral process

Steve Dixon and Andrea Scarpelli

One Small Step conversation partners Steve Dixon (53) and Andrea Scarpelli (61) share their views on faith, political discourse, and the role of government in society.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview with Cynthia Rodriguez

This is an interview about Cynthia’s views on the government and what her childhood was like.

Racism’s big impact on Boston in 1978

What would happen to a kid who was surrounded by racist people? I, Dante Battista, age 15, interviewed my father, Richard Battista, age 55. This interview was taken in Los Angeles, California, on January 6th, 2020. This interview is about...

Interview with my mom

My mom gives a description on what her experience was while working for the government.

Paula Studebaker and Betty Burrell

One Small Step partners Paula Studebaker (54) and Betty Burrell (62) discuss their childhoods, careers, role models, children, and personal values.

Experience as an Expatriate

I talk with my great aunt about her job and education in the PI, her experience as an OFW/Expat, and how it contributed to her success and stability in America.

Family Interview-Government

This interview was dealing with the government. I interviewed my mom, to get her opinion on the topic of politics.

Chris Smith and Katherine Chon

On the 20th anniversary of passing the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, Representative Chris Smith (68) speaks with his colleague in anti-trafficking work, Katherine Chon [no age given] about his role in writing and passing the bill. He talks about how...

Jodi Logan and Betsy Meagher

One Small Step partners, Jodi Logan (53) and Betsy Meagher (75) learn about each other's different opinions on COVID, the election, and the role of government while maintaining the understanding that they practice the same faith.

talk about the gov with me & my mom

we talked about when she first came to the U.S and when she first voted for the first time.


In this interview I talked to my mother about her thoughts on the government and it’s current issues.

Interview with my mom

Talked about a little bit of everything. The government was mentioned if you’re interested.

Story corps family interview

My mom believes the government should help the people by providing jobs and security.

Interview with my dad

Me and my dad talked a lot about my grandpa. Some funny stories and also some life lesson stories. We also talked about my grandma and my uncles, and my dad gave insight on his life growing up.

Patrick Rollin and his dad talk about politics, culture, and society

We first examine how the intersection of politics and sports has changed over time. We then examine the current polarization in U.S. society. Lastly, we discuss topical political issues.