Interviewing My Grandfather

This interview was conducted in Virginia via Facstime. In this interview there was a series of questions asked in Spanish about my Grandfathers childhood and life leading up to marriage.

A Lifetime of Love: Lolo & Lola
January 18, 2018 App Interview

We discussed Noli and Radi's childhoods, transition from the Philippines to America, and their everlasting love. We also talked about their thoughts on getting older and how to raise a family you are proud of.

A Mogish Memoir

A rare opportunity to record some thoughts and reflections from a quiet and humble man, my grandmother

Interview with Grandfather part 2
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Just a quick interview with my grandfather who served in the U.S. Army.

Family history
November 26, 2018 App Interview

We talked about my late grandfather.

Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview my grandfather gave advice, story’s from childhood, and more. This interview gave us a chance to ask some questions he probably never told me the answers to. He grew up as a poor child but he’s family...

Interview with Grandpop West

I interviewed my grandfather at his nursing home. He does not usually like to talk about himself, so I appreciated his participation.

Interviewing lolo
November 29, 2015 App Interview

We talked about our 94 year old grandfather’s proudest moments, his happiest moment and what he hopes for us and our great great grandchildren.

Poppa Joel

An interview with my grandfather for his 85th birthday.

Interview With Anna Crum and Francis Newnam

This interview is about childhood in the 1930s, childhood memories and life with family of ten during the Great Depression.

Jerry Freimark: father, grandfather, great-grandfather, Holocaust survivor

We discussed life in Germany before WWII, coming to America as a Jewish immigrant, and experiences as a Jew in Germany and America.

Christina Jones Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2015

In this interview, conducted on November 29, 2015 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Christina Jones (16) interviews her grandfather Clyde Jones (62) about his life growing up in the south.

Kathleen Esserman and Lauren Moriarty

Kathleen Esserman (36) shares anecdotes and interviews her mother Lauren Moriarty (67) about Lauren's father, David Merritt Peters, who was a Green Beret with an extensive and accomplished military and civilian life.

Interview with my Grandfather

A brief interview with my grandfather. (Irving Dano,64) (Tayemar Brown-Dano,17)