James Patrick Tobin and David Tobin. Maine and the Military.

James Patrick Tobin has a conversation with his grandfather David Tobin. They talk about what life was like in Maine during the 1940s and David Tobin’s experience as an air traffic controller during The Korean War.

Tiago Pereira interviews his grandfather, artist Al Wunderlich

One aspiring 8-year old artist talks to his grandfather, painter and sculptor Al Wunderlich, about art.

Asia interviews her grandfather, John Allen Ashford and learns more about his life.

In this interview, made on December 19th, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Asia interviews her grandfather John. They talk about his parents and how he got his name. Asia learned that her grandfather didn’t finish high school and was very active...

Duncan’s Interview

During the interview we talked about his past present and his future. I feel tat I have learned some things during this interview and that I will listen to this later in life.

My interview

I interviewed my grandfather about what he was greatful for and what his memories in the past where.


Claire interviewed her grandfather who she calls papa. Claire was particularly interested in the story of how her grandfather was a cockfighter. This picture is of her with a fighting gaffs passed down to her grandfather.

All About Pop!

This is an interview with my grandfather about his life growing up, joining the military, love at first sight, and more!

My grandfather

I asked my grnfather questions about his lIfe


Empy, George Odlum, musing about his life.

Jason Irr, James Irr, and Thomas Rushin

Thomas Rushin (77) is interviewed by his two grandsons Jason Irr (19) and James Irr (25) about his life as a jazz percussionist, sculptor and what the arts taught him about life.

Dan Moreland

This was Dan Moreland, he is my grandfather and to me he is Grandaddy. To me I’ve always seen him as the hardest working man I’ve ever met and he will always be that man and he has shown that...

The Story Of My Mom’s Life

My mom talks about her childhood and my similarities to her. She also talks about her thoughts and moments that were important and memorable to her. In addition to this she expresses what she wants for her children and herself...

StoryCorps Assignment with Gramps

I discussed creativity throughout my grandfathers life and his greatest achievements

Meeting My Grandfather

This interview occurred on December 1, 2019 in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. The interviewee was my mother Jill Dudka (52) and the interviewer was her son Connor Dudka (18). The interview consisted of stories from my mother’s childhood and memories of my...

The grandfather I never met

This interview was about the relationship of my dad and grandfather that IV never met

English Project

I interviewed my mom on her past. Also about her family and how she met her husband.

A Journey Back in Time Part: 1

Life lessons he learned when he was working and a child. His life working and stories about people he worked with.

Gregory and his grandfather, Vladimir, talk about growing up in communist Russia.

Gregory learns more about Vladimir's childhood and his life in Russia. He also learns about his time in Israel and any advice he has for future generations.

Granddad Interview

Thanksgiving interview with Grandad.