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Grandmother and grand daughter

Me and my nana talk about what it is like for her and for me in our lives and what makes us different because of how we grew up

Bailey McGurty interviewing Rhonda Bailey

In this interview Rhonda Bailey talks about her childhood and current life. She speaks about her friends growing up and reconnecting with them. Rhonda also talks about her family, teacher and more.

My amazing Granny

My granny talked about her kids, including my mom and my dad. She also talked about my oldest brother Jonathan.

Franny Christmas 2016

Frank Coyne interviews his dad (Francis X. Coyne) on his reflections of 74 years and what it was like to grow up in a large Irish Catholic family in Philadelphia, and what's made him who he is today.

A Look into Her Life

Take a look at my grandmas life from childhood to the present. I got to see what her love life was like and how it has evolved and get advice from mistakes she made.

FYS interview about the theme of legacy based questions with Debbi Mahan by Trace Mahan

I interviewed Debbi Mahan for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching enlightening stories. Frank Sesno’s book Ask...

A Talk About Family

I ask my grandfather questions about his life, kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and other family and friends.

Savta and Ora in 2nd grade

Ora interviewing savta on thanksgiving day for a school project.

Interview with Great Grandma
February 14, 2018 App Interview

Quality time with Grandma and getting to know more about her

Fam 14 interviews Nanny&Bapa

Rita and Paul Sherr had 2 daughters who eventually provided them with 2 sons (in-law) and 8 grandkids – which are the pride, joy and loves of Nanny and Bapas lives. Rita and PAUL fell in love during high school...

Tiyana interviews Sheilia

Sheilia Thornton talks about her experience in life with kids, in the military, and beyond.

Interview with Pap!

Today I got the opportunity to interview my pap! We covered things from when he was a kid to now. Things he did in the navy and when he was a police officer and some of his memories! We also...

The greatest Grandma

My grandma explaining how she took care eif me and my sisters when our mother left us

Mamaw’s Story
November 24, 2022 App Interview

We talked about some parts of my Mamaw’s childhood. We had some laughs and talked about the funny bits of her life. I loved her hilarious moments and loved how she kept feeling like she was saying the wrong thing....