My grandma and I

I asked my grandma questions about her childhood and her dreams, what she most proud of. I asked about where she went to collage what she wanted to be and what she became.

A Conversation with Grandpa
November 27, 2022 App Interview

An 8-minute interview of Dick Forrester, 80, by his granddaughter Mia Forrester Sguilaro, 12, recorded in Atlanta, GA.

School project

Interviewed my grandmother for a school project. I asked her about were she grew up, what my father was like a a child, and an interesting story from here life.

Tammy Grimm
October 10, 2022 App Interview

I’m Reagan Grimm and I’m interviewing my mom, Tammy Grimm. I’m 21 years old and she is 57. She talks about her life growing up in Oklahoma, her children and grandchildren, and her own parents.

Interview with Grandpa, pt 4

We discussed his life and the things he learned throughout it.

Interview with Grandpa, pt 3

We discussed his life and the lessons he learned throughout it.

Harold Kay Scholes
October 17, 2022 App Interview

Alyssa Jones (age 31), Rylee Jones (age 19), Pax Cooley (age 11), interviewing Grandfather and Great Grandfather Harold Kay Scholes (age 86) about his life, family, and childhood.

Questions I have never asked my Grandma

I had an interview/Conversation with my Grandma on Thanksgiving, with the whole extended family in the other room (lots of background noise).

Isaac interviews Grandpa Roth
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Isaac, 16, interviews his maternal grandfather at thanksgiving. Isaac, who has ASD and is keenly interested in things mechanical, asks Richard about his career, service in the Coast Guard, and whether he ever felt "different" as a person who most...

Diane Edwards’ Story

Diane Edwards is a courageous woman, who always fights her battles with God by her side. She is a happy 82 year old woman, but her life wasn't always this great. Raised in a single parent home, she ended up...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Had a conversation with my fiancé’s grandfather “papa.” It was amazing to hear someone reflect on their life.

English class interview

This was a great way to learn about my grandfather such a great experience

Grandparent interview

I learned a lot about new information and stories that I didn’t know before.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview with my Grammy, we discussed topics such as her past, lessons learned, and more! I am extremely close with my Grammy, but this opportunity lead me to discovering more about my her than I already knew!

My Grandmother through my Mother’s eyes…

The main purpose behind the interview was to get my mother to open up about my grandmother that I never really knew.

Growing up and Moving to The United States

This is an interview between myself, Brayden Dewane, and my grandmother, Evelyn Dewane-Williams. We briefly discuss how she grew up and what it was like having not been born in America, and moving to America at the age she did.

Learning about my family

I learned about family and my Grandma was very helpful with that.


Interview with my grandfather for Maryville University seminar class

Military Leadership

In this interview a grandfather shares with his granddaughter a journey about him joining the military.

My Grandmothers Thanksgiving Interview

My Grandmother and I explore the suggested questions for the thanksgiving listen, and have a wonderful conversation in the process.

Interview with Bhajno Johal

In this interview I, Raveen Johal, interview my grandmother, Bhajno Johal.

“We were very poor, and it was great.”
September 18, 2018 App Interview

Unfortunately I accidentally cut out our names from the interview, but to clarify, I, nineteen year-old Rose Wall, interviewed my 86 year-old grandfather, Edward Fallon about his some of his experiences as a child and the places he went as...