Attitude of Gratitude Pergl

Attitude of Gratitude interview with my mother.

Lisa Kennedy and John Harper

Daughter Lisa Kennedy (42) and father John "Jack" Harper III (71) discuss Lisa's childhood and the challenges of divorce. They also talk about parenting and how faith is important in their family lives.

Interviewing My bestfriend.

Tamima Rohman (14) talks to her bestfriend Selina Yupa (14), about her expiences, growing up in the United States, and living through the pandmeic. She talks about her struggles and everything she is going through, especially in the pandemic.

Noreen’s Interview

A blast from the past, and great insights brought to you by my stepmom, the best woman I could’ve ever asked to be a part of my family.

Attitude of Gratitude Coulter

This is my uncle Brian! I think he has a big impact on my life, that is why I picked him!

Shaina Lawrence and Molly Lawler

Shaina Lawrence (31) talks with her cousin Molly Lawler (27) on how the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted her, and about life in general.

The Power of Gratitude

Alejandro and Cassie are joined together to share Cassie’s auto-ethnographic personal narrative. Cassie shares about her experience with helping mothers in need.

Gratitude and the Holidays

I, Mikela Zambrano (18) interviewed my aunt, Miliza Chicot (50), about what she feels gratitude about and how it reflects on her experience during the holiday season.

Shelly Darr and Lynnessa Davis

Friends Shelly Darr (35) and Lynnessa Davis (27) share a conversation about how they first met, living together, their favorite memories together, and what their friendship means to each of them.

Dr. Hilda Ontiveros and Dr. Jesse Soledad Arrieta

Colleagues and wives, Dr. Hilda Ontiveros (41) and Dr. Jesse Soledad Arrieta (44), share a conversation about their roots, Chicana and Women’s Studies, and the importance of documenting oral history within their community. They also talk about their connection to...

Carolyn Ellingson and Catherine (Birdy) Johnson

Catherine Johnson (38) interviews her mom Carolyn Ellingson (80) about what the pandemic has been like and how it feels to be vaccinated, Carolyn's life growing up, living through traumatic loss and grief, and the things in life that help...

The great thanks giving listen

The interview was about what she was grateful for and what she has done in her life

Interview with Kristen Craig by Thomas Craig
November 27, 2017 App Interview

This interview reflects gratitude and the value of being remembered.

Past life lessons, new opportunities

On 4/I6/22, in Los Angeles California, Julian Bao(15) interviews his mom Suzie Bao(51) who works in advertising. She talks about her experience with life lessons and how recently her career started moving faster and became a board member of a...

A Short Conversation with My Dad

My dad talks about what he's most grateful for, one of his happiest memories, people who have been kind to him in his life, and some of the most important lessons he's learned thus far. All of this is on...

Abi Barnett and Ryan Barnett

Spouses, Abi Barnett (25) and Ryan Barnett (43), share a conversation about their childhoods, how they met, their families, and the family they have started together.