The Great thanksgiving listen with my mom <3

My name is Nora Romero.I am 14 years old. Today is December 3rd, and I am speaking with Nora Carbajal who is my mom. We are recording this interview in Miami Florida.

The Great Listen

My grandmother speaks about her childhood and past memories. Even a couple things about myself and out ancestors.

Tom Dale Gill talks about him growing up in Moss Point, Mississippi, “And whoever lost…pulled out the stick with his teeth.”
December 19, 2017 App Interview

Tom Gill grew up in Moss Point, Mississippi. He talks about how he played sports, did chores, and played Mumbly Peg.

Uncle Phil

Phil Shannahan, my great uncle, was the fifth and final child born to John and Virginia Shannahan in 1945. His siblings, Ann, Dave, Jim, and Sharon, provided him with ample love, life tips, protection, and a great relationship. Phil grew...

Talking to Grandma Dorothy about her dog that followed her to church in Natrona Heights, PA

In this interview on December 1 2019 in Natrona Heights PA, Hadley Cohen (17) interviews her grandmother Dorothy Romanick (82) about her entire life and what she has been through. She talks about her childhood in the Great Depression minute...

lainey malak and her pap talk about our polish decent

I’ve always wanted to know about my grandpa’s past. it was such a harsh topic and I could never find a way to bring it up in conversation. I finally did and I’m so happy I know more about his...

November 19, 2018 App Interview

Asked Jermany a couple of questions abt his life