Richard Flores (94) and granddaughter Erica Flores (43)

Richard talks about growing up as a first-generation Mexican-American in the Northside of Fort Worth during the Great Depression, working as a pressman, his time in the Korean war, his parents fleeing the Mexican revolution, and his hopes for his...

Memories of the Berea College Candy Kitchen and Bakery

My parents talk about their memories of working at and enjoying the products of the Berea College Bakery and Candy Kitchen

Karen Lee and Jason Leclerc

Participants (strangers) Karen Lee and Jason Leclerc talk about influential people in their childhood and what made them into the people they are today. Jason is a religious Christian and Karen is a secular atheist.

Isabella Wright and her great aunt Marie Lorino discuss growing up in Birmingham, Alabama in an Italian immigrant family
November 26, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted by Isabella Wright (16) in Birmingham, Alabama, Marie Lorino is interviewed about her life of 92 years. She shares stories of growing up in an immigrant family and growing up during the War.

Grandma Weber

A conversation with my paternal grandmother about life in Pennsylvania

Jack Kay and Cathy Kay

Jackson "Jack" Kay (92) tells his daughter Cathy Kay (54) about growing up in a boarding school in Philadelphia, working in the Army during World War Two as a medical stenographer, and lessons he has learned about life.

Kendal Shaber and Mac Sheesley

Kendal Shaber (60) shares a conversation with her father’s friend, Mac Sheesley (97). They talk about Mac’s friendship with Kendal’s father, their time in World War II together, returning to Boise, and the role that Mac played in Kendal’s father’s...

Kelli Gannon and Zanne Macdonald

One Small Step conversation partners Kelli Gannon (55) and Zanne Macdonald (72) talk about their upbringings, politics, and COVID-19.