Storytelling Project: Raymond Chodor

Raymond Chodor’s Interview for Fall 2019 University of Pittsburgh Navigating Grief & Loss Final Project

Grandma Dorothy Grief & Loss Interview

Discussion about Grandma Dorothy’s life experiences of death, loss, and grief.

Olyvia and Quincy

Olyvia Greening (18), interviewed her boyfriend, Quincy Davis (19) about his struggles with loss, racism, and financial struggles. He really dives into his grandpa’s passing and how it affected him.


i interviewed my best friend, Aleigha Fitch, about our friend Daveon Harris who passed away.

Mike and Jeanne

Mike and Jeanne talk about their friendship that started from sharing grief in the loss their loved ones.

Carol Ann Fryer and Emily Fryer Garcia

Carol Ann (76) talks to her daughter, Emily (39) about her life. Carol Ann discusses life events from childhood to adulthood that lead her through fascinating situations, family trauma, and finally reconciliation.

Overcoming Grief

This interview is about my mother, I interviewed her about the loss of her mother, who would’ve been my grandma that I never got to experience meeting.

Aarika Hopson and her mother, Janet Hopson, discuss grief, love, and happiness.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Flushing, Michigan , Aarika Hopson (15) interviews her mother Janet Hopson (51) about her life as a preachers daughter living in Detroit, Michigan with seven sisters and a loving family. At 3:50,...

Lori Butterworth and Brittany Maldonado-Gosline

Friends and colleagues, Lori Butterworth [no age given] and Brittany Maldonado-Gosline [no age given], discuss Brittany's younger brother, Corbin Maldonado, their work at Jacob's Heart Children's Cancer Support Services, and how to show up for someone who is grieving.

Mackenzie Stone and Albert Mikulencak III

Mackenzie Stone (26) talks with her family friend and financial advisor, Albert Mikulencak (50), about her education and career path in accounting. She remembers FINISH.

Interview with Spencer Czerwinski

In this interview, I discuss the loss of a close friend and offer my advice for how to live in the wake of loss

Shades of Grief

Everyone must deal with grief and how we endure that process looks different at different times in our lives. We grieve on the level we love as our appreciation grows for the capacity that loss filled. We can respect the...

Michele Grover and Greg DeCross

Michele Grover (77) and Greg DeCross (56) come together as One Small Step partners and exchange lived experiences. They discover many common themes in their lives, including having children with different views to theirs, open conceptions of faith, experiences with...

Robin Lynn and Carla Steckman

Mother and daughter Robin [no age given] and Carla [no age given] discuss Carla's daughter, Talia, who died of Tay-Sachs disease at 23 months old. They talk about their relationship around this experience and discuss discovery of strengths and connections.

Rose Austria & Will Rogers

Rose talks about her nursing career as a case manager and winning a nurse of the year award. She shares heartbreaking stories about working with COVID patients, losing her mother during the pandemic.

Cynthia Richmond and Mark Ammann

One Small Step conversation partners Cynthia Richmond (62) and Mark Ammann (62) find they have a lot of unique aspects of their stories in common as they talk about the believing in finding common ground, the foster children in their...

Tran Pham and Melody Fawcett

Tran shares her experience of the loss of her premature girl, Bao An Pham Huynh shortly after birth. On the anniversary of her daughter's birth, she is taking the day off to honor her memory. She shares her gratitude for...

Tim Serban and Melody Fawcett

Tim shares his story of providing spiritual care in the context of disaster relief efforts. Providing support to those grieving, going through transitions, searching for ways to honor their loved ones. Carrying on the mission of the Providence Sisters in...