Ashlin Steele interview

In this interview I learn more about my moms childhood , her memories of me, and what she wants her future to look like!

My Mom and Her’s

Carissa asks her mother, Cinnamon, about her late grandmother and what she meant to her:

Lawrence Harris and his mother, Joya Delgado Harris, talk about life.

My mom and I discussed the different events in her life that have left a profound influence on her. She spoke about how my grandfather impacted her and the lessons he taught her. She talked about the legacy she wants...

Story Corps interview
November 30, 2019 App Interview

We talked about his high school experience. His happiest and most challenging memories and what he has learned form going to Groton.

Elio Napoli Miller and Margaret Rose (Margi) Napoli

An interview hosted by Elio Napoli Miller with his Nonna, Margi Napoli. They talk about her inspirations and superstars in her life.

Interviewing my older brother

I interviewed my older brother. He answered simple questions like what is he most grateful for, one happy memory he has, what he's passionate about and one favorite memory he has of me.

Interviewing my wonderful mother and discussing her past and where she is now.

In this interview, I Nadia Sarhan (17) interview my mother Deb Sarhan (50-ish) on December 3rd 2017. I speak with my mother about the important lessons various people have taught her in life. She explains her childhood and how that...

Wendy Dorothy DeStefano

Interview with my grandmother about love, life, family, and happiness.

Questions for my dad

Most of Michael Prices good memories and lessons have come from family experiences.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

November 26th I walked down the street and meet with one of my older neighbors Troy, he talked to me about his life as a child and teenager, the choices he made and the fact that he was generally happy...

Interview with grandma

I asked my grandma some questions about her life memories and what wisdom she has to share from those memories