Words of the wiser

I interviewed my mimi,Dawn who has MS. A Symptom that does not allow you to move your body without pain. I was grateful to spend time listening about her life and the challenges she faced. It was an amazing opportunity...

The Hard Working Life of Bob Schwartz

Bob Schwartz a hard working man from Detroit Michigan gives a couple story's that have made the man he is today. He also gives untold stories of the life inside Texas Instruments (TI).

Being a parent of a 15 year old.

Me interviewing my father on what it is like to be a single parent.

Interview with Mom

In this interview, we discussed life lessons my mom has had during her life. We discuss past jobs, influential people and more.

The Life of the Amazing Juan Alvarez

Life in Mexico and Chicago for my godfather, Juan Alvarez, was never easy and he was brought up with a hard work ethic that helped him get to where he is today in life. Family, things that make you happy,...

Learning life lessons with my aunt

Chassidy interviews her aunt. They talk about the importance of family and how you should always put family first. Her aunt also talks about how you can accomplish anything with hard work. They also reminisce on some of her favorite...

Breaking the ceiling

In this interview conducted on Nov 28 2022, Caiden Johnston (16) interviews his mother Valerie Johnston (59) about what it was like growing up in a male dominated workplace. She also talks about how she was the last generation to...

Determination Runs in Our Family

Allie Chester performs an interview with her Aunt, Peg Chester, at her family Thanksgiving dinner. Allie asks her Aunt about her life, her favorite memories, her experiences, and their family. Their family runs on determination and are extremely important to...

My Beautiful Sister

This interview captures how amazingly kind and caring my sister Alexis truly is.

The Sweet Life of Roza Moghaddam

Roza is very hard working and has gone through so much to get to where she is at today. She has worked hard to become a pharmacist and her work ethic has made her family very proud. She is very...

thanks giving listen

interview with Richard rothbard and will sandler discussing Jocelyn Sandler and richards parents and grandparents

Interview with mom

My moms achievements and what she is proud of. We also talked about what she would want me to know if this were our last conversation and what she wants her great great grandchildren to know.

Story Corp Socialization Interview

An interview with Rachel Burgess about her parentsand how they've affected her sense of self

A Vignette of Vietnam

My name is Peter Tran and I interviewed my mother Kate Phan. We discuss my mother's relatioship between Vietnam and America throughout her past more than 40 years. She recalls the difficult life she had growing up and the opportunity...

Johnny Shouneyia interviews Grandpa Frank Awdish About His Journey from Iraq to The United States of America

In this interview, made on May 8, 2022 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Johnny Shouneyia (13) interviews his grandpa Frank Awdish (68) about his journey from Iraq to The USA. His grandpa shares his story about how it was traveling here...

Amanda Scott and her mom Carrie Scott talk about growing up and things that are important to them.

In this interview conducted on November 26,2017 in Manhattan Beach, California, Amanda Scott(15) interviews her mom Carrie Scott about life. Carrie talked about how Amanda’s life has affected hers. Carrie is proud of Amanda and thinks many great things of...

My Past Is Your Past

Although I never knew my great great grandparents, this interview with my grandmother made it feel like I knew them my whole life. On December 31, 2018, I, Kate Godfrey, interviewed my grandmother Carol Burns in Scottsdale, Arizona. The stories...

Life Lessons

This interview was about life lessons and fulfilling your dreams and goals. In this interview was Jaden Williams and Linda Williams. She is my grandmother, I am 14 years old and this interview is located in Inglewood, California. The best...

Attitude of gratitude Sacco

We talked about major influences in my dads life, his favorite kind of music, and what he is grateful for


Stories and what it was like to live there

Interview with Maria Alonte

Maria Alonte tells us about working hard and moving forward always. She talks about her childhood and how it has shaped her current self.

Interview with Greg Kring

Talks about his influence as a kid and where he is now.