Novel Recommendations: Ensuring a Complete Education. Mark and Annie Huetteman talk book recommendations and the impact of literary merits.
September 14, 2018 App Interview

In this recording Annie Huetteman interviews her father, Mark Huetteman, about how literature has played a role in his life. He recommends to her a literary merit to complete her high school education.

Lit Life: Lily Fuchs and Daniel Scheldrup discuss White Noise.

In this recording, the teacher and student discuss the lessons in White Noise, and the recurring theme of death and human materialism.

Was it justice? Lynn Matar and Mrs. Morley discuss Murder on the Orient Express.

In this interview, Lynn Matar asks Mrs. Morley her thoughts about different aspects of Agatha Christie's book and debate whether justice was served in the end.

Silence: “A twist on a typical martyr story” Part 1

High school student Elisabeth Bieber interviews a fellow parishioner and mentor on the spirituality and religious teachings of the Catholic Church in Silence by Shusaku Endo. In this interview, we discuss whether Fr. Rodrigues's final decision was correct in the...

Wise Words: Jay Liu and Justin Li discuss books and their role in our lives.
September 9, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, high school students Jay Liu and Justin Li talk about how books affected them growing up and the important role that books and reading have in our world.

AP Lit- Book wise Pre-Interview. Mrs. Williams

Mrs. Williams and I talked about her history with reading and what kinds of books she likes and dislikes. She recommended 2-3 books for me to read.

Novel Wisdom: Amanda and Christi Cashman discuss wealth and other themes and topics within The Great Gatsby

In this interview, my mom and so discussed the American dream as it’s portrayed in the novel as well as Gatsby’s fight to be a member of the elite class and the shallowness of all of I️t