Stephanie [No Name Given] and Megan Day

Friends Stephanie [No Name Given] (41) and Megan Day (38) talk about their bonding experience during their time at treatment this past November. The two reflect on the things they miss about treatment, the difficulties of returning to normal life,...

Toya Williams and May Moe Tun

May Moe Tun (22) interviews her friend and colleague, Toya Williams (49), about her relationship with cooking, something she learned from her mother growing up. Toya also describes her journey navigating health and disability while reflecting on the importance of...

Precious Jones and Delilah [No Name Given]

Precious Jones (40) remembers the loved ones she has lost: Preston Jones, Corey Blackwell, Paul Jones, Montay McLaurin, and Eddie Robinson. She talks with conversation partner Delilah [No Name Given] (25) about her organization Breaking Generational Poverty and her work...

Hadi Eldebek and Layale Chaker

Friends Hadi Eldebek (34) and Layale Chaker (32) discuss their relationship to music as a means of connecting to their Lebanese culture. They consider how translation, drawing from different musical influences, and their audience's reactions shape their musical practices.

Professor Celeste Terry & Community Resilience part 3

Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences Student, Tiffany Mims, interviews Professor Celeste Terry, Assistant Executive Director of United Black Fund of Greater Cleveland Inc. to talk about her life, her work, her projects, and her insights about resilience, healing, and...

Atra Flemons and Khadijah Shabazz

Atra Flemons (61) interviews her friend Khadijah Shabazz (62) about her experience with mass incarceration and how she has become an advocate for families who have lost loved ones to police violence.

Susan Lipton and John Spitznagel

Susan "Susie" Lipton (65) talks about surviving a severe illness with the love and support of her spouse and friend, John "Jack" Spitznagel (70).

Reza Nekumanesh and Linda Gleason

One Small Step conversation partners Reza Nekumanesh (46) and Linda Gleason (63) talk about their work in the Fresno community, interfaith work, and their hopes for Fresno's future.

Carla Orellana

Carla Orellana [no age given] shares her experience as a blue star mother. She talks about what it was like learning that her son had been severely injured. She speaks about the practices and programs that help her and her...

Kevin O'Leary and Alex Wu

Andover Stories of American Identity: Andover resident Kevin O'Leary shares his story about his worldly upbringing, and how it all led to his profession of becoming a psychologist to help wounded veterans heal.

Marion Greenup and Nancy Levy Torres

Marion Greenup (74) interviews her friend, Nancy Hannah Levy Torres (76), about her life, faith, and at times, fraught relationship to her Jewishness.

Margaret Woody and Claudia Marshel

One Small Step conversation partners Margaret Woody (62) and Claudia Marshel (59) discuss their upbringings and how politics have influenced their lives.

Hillary West and Haydon Pitchford

[Recorded Wednesday, February 16, 2022] Hillary (71) and Haydon (27) recorded a One Small Step conversation together about their experiences related to serving as a first responder (Haydon) and clergy (Hillary) at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in...

Marion Masada and Charlene Kiyuna

Charlene Kiyuna (67) interviews her friend Marion Masada (87) about her childhood experience of being imprisoned in a Japanese internment camp during WWII and the subsequent struggles she faced after her and her family were released.

THE BOSS 2.0 (Keiah Williams)

Interviewer( Sa’Nia Nunley) 18, we Keiah Williams is my manager at A&M Healthcare Clinic Interviewee(Keiah Williams) 29. In this internet we discussed Ms. Keiah’s journey and how the path she is on has benefited her and effected her life. She...

Lupita Carrasco and K8e Orr

Friends Lupita Carrasco (46) and K8e Orr (40) share a conversation about their experiences caring for their mentally ill mothers and making art as a way to heal from these relationships.

Rita Chambers and Jason Hynson

Colleagues Rita Chambers (62) and Jason Hynson (42) discuss how their faith and family lives inform their work at Victory Mission & Ministry.

Tallat Choudry and Seemi Choudry

Tallat Choudry (68) talks to her daughter Seemi Choudry (30) about her childhood in Pakistan, her family and education, early married life in the US and Venezuela, her career, and being a mother of four.

Jim Curl and Kevin Roy

Friends Jim Curl (37) and Kevin Roy (36) share how addiction, homelessness, and their Christian faith has shaped their journeys.

Social Justice – Our Voices Matter – Massiel Calderon

Inspiring change through conversation. In the aftermath of the brutal murder of George Floyd, at the hands of law enforcement, we are launching a new interview-based collection of stories where members can share their personal experiences in coping with such...