Sisterhood, motherhood, and the grey area in the middle.
January 20, 2020 App Interview

My older sister answered some tough questions and we laughed about our shared experiences and what I have learned from her as a role model and how your life is beyond your control.

The Divine Child Heals Through His Children.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Chicago, IL, Angelica Heaney (17) interviews her father Jim Heaney (63) about his upbringing in an alcoholic household and childhood trauma. Mr. Heaney shares his past and how it has affected...

Making Dreams Happen

An injured equestrian, aspiring to become an Olympian, joins forces with an up-and-coming filmmaker/beekeeper. A married couple, the two inspire each other to accomplish all of their goals.

Chey Soul and Bonnie Bir

Bonnie Bir (77) interviews her good friend Chey Soul (53) about her upbringing, her beliefs and her goals.

Tracy Burgess and Geneah Berrian

Friends and writers, Tracy Burgess (36) and Geneah Berrian (34) recall the origins of their friendship and share how writing has impacted their respective healing journeys.

Anointing of the Sick Hashtag

I interviewed my mother on her experience of healing.

Dorothy Lemmey interview with her sister Georgett Lovey.

Georgett shares her feeling about life. Mentioned her father George Edward Lovey and Rosemary Kirstein, Theresa Mullins, Timothy Mullins, God, Jesus Christ, Ocarian cancer.

Jessica’s Journey

In this story ypu will get to hear about my life and the hardships that I’ve dealt with, the crazy adventures I had as a kid, and my current life.

Chandra Ellerson and tobacco brown

Chandra Reneé Ellerson (30), tells her interviewer, tobacco brown (63), about her understanding of healing as a scientific and spiritual practice.

Dalia and Lena (7/7/2018)

Chat between two friends about growing up, life and reflection.

Graves Disease

A very long-winded attempt at discussing my journey to diagnosis. You can’t cure an autoimmune disease but you can learn to care for yourself & be your own advocate. If my story can help someone...well, I’ve got plenty more. (Disclaimer:...

Tallat Choudry and Seemi Choudry

Tallat Choudry (68) talks to her daughter Seemi Choudry (30) about her childhood in Pakistan, her family and education, early married life in the US and Venezuela, her career, and being a mother of four.