Father and Son: A Glance Back At History

This interview is led by me, Alexander Boyko, and centered around my father, Serhiy Boyko. Covering the intricacies of his youth, cultural foundations, familial heritage, education, dreams, and more, the experience is perfect as an engaged son curious about our...

Story Corps interview

In this interview I spoke with Kirsten Quinn who’s my mother, about her childhood and family life on January 10th

Javed Chaudhary

I sat down with my uncle Javed Chaudhary to learn a little bit about his life and our family history.

Heritage story

How my grandma moved to the U.S. and how she adjusted to it.

Memories I never knew

My mother talking about her family history and memories she has.

Una entrevista con mi mamá sobre nuestra herencia

Spoke with my mom about her life growing up. Also about our family’s background. Interview done in Spanish.

Story time

This interview between my grandma Sharen and I, Wyatt Dyer was taken at her house in Malibu. This interview talked mainly about funny stories that my grandma Sharen has heard or seen to tell again. Whether it's about me, my...

Jean Wagner: The Story of a Redlands Girl

Jean Wagner tells the story of growing up in Redlands, in an interview with Eva Cantwell, Tyler Wayman, and Kaden Douglas.

Following Your Dreams

A recording about carrying on the legacy of art education and recognition, and the importance of following your dreams and living with passion.

Starting Fresh – David &a Jamie McEachin

Speaking with my father about his childhood with 9 siblings and Catholic parents, his time establishing his own identity, and our family and the future.

African American Identity in America

A conversation with my friend who is 1/4 African American. We talk about her identity, how the Black Lives Matter movement has affected her view on her heritage and the overall racial injustice in America.

Josephine Pollock talks about her family and it’s traditions.

Josephine Pollock talked about her childhood memories. She also talked about family heritage. She also talked about what she wanted people to remember her by. Lastly, she talked about life lessons that you should use.

Thanksgiving 2018 Aunt Anna and Uncle George

My great aunt, great uncle, and I spoke about my family's heritage and their childhoods. We discussed the family origins, childhoods, and the heritage of our Greek side.

Interview with Dad — Blog 3

Interviewing my father about his culture and background and how that impacted his life.

Zoe Zerlang and her mom Alisa Zerlang talk about childhood, family, jobs, heritages, and elections.

In the interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Fortuna, California, Zoe Zerlang(15) interviews her mom Alisa Zerlang(45) about her childhood, jobs, etc. Alisa Zerlang shares about where she grew up and the type of family she grew up in,...

Interview with my grandmother

Talked about her family arriving here from Russia

Interviewing The Pennocks

Interviewing both of my grandparent on their heritage and chilldhoods. My grandfather talks about his life after marriage and life growing old. Finishing by giving his philosophy on life.