Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain

This is an interview with my father, who was born and grew up in Poland while it was under authoritarian rule by the Soviet Union.

Carson Honeycutt and Jeb Backe

Carson Honeycutt (36) speaks with StoryCorps facilitator Jeb Backe (26) about his transition out of the military into civilian life. Carson recounts the challenges he faced in the first few years after ending his service in the Marine Corps and...

Miles McCrimmon and Jay McConville

One Small Step conversation partners Miles McCrimmon (58) and Jay McConville (58) discuss their careers and their concerns about their political parties. Miles speaks about his career in higher education and what he's learned from working in a community college....

Charles Enriquez and Caroline Enriquez

Spouses, Charles Enriquez (46) and Caroline Enriquez (46), celebrate their wedding anniversary by reflecting on their personal history, children, work, and partnership.

Leida Javier-Ferrell and Jean-Paul Vivoni

Leida Javier-Ferrell (71) speaks with her son Jean-Paul Vivoni (50) about the lives they’ve built for themselves in Mobile after leaving their home of Puerto Rico.

Joey [No Name Given] and [No Name Given] [No Name Given]

Colleagues and loved ones Joey [No Name Given] (30) and [No Name Given] [No Name Given] (63) discuss Joey’s coming out story, diversity, equity, inclusion, and identity.

Raymond Lakes and Yolanda Lakes

Yolanda Lakes (50) sits down with her father, Raymond "Ray" Lakes (72), to ask about his upbringing in Columbus, GA and the world events, as well as personal experiences, that have shaped his current worldview.

Enid Roberts MD and Alexis Roberts McMillan

Sisters Alexis Roberts McMillan [no age given] and Enid Roberts MD [no age given] talk about how growing up alongside Florida A&M University’s College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, as well as with their family’s pharmacy, Economy Drug Store, impacted...

Thoughts on the Pandemic

Thoughts on the Pandemic from someone working in higher education, both personal and professional

Brian C. Lorio and Christian Campbell

Brian, a lecturer at Borough of Manhattan Community College, and Christian, a (now) former student, reflect upon their experiences in public speaking class as well as the college experience. Brian reflects with Christian about his growth as a person and...

Samuel Elzay and Sarah Elzay

Spouses, Sarah Elzay (35) and Samuel Elzay (37), share a conversation about how they first met, how their relationship developed, and the partnership they have formed together.

Hortencia "Bonita" Esrael and Walter "Craig" Esrael

Hortencia "Bonita" Esreal (63) speaks with their husband Walter "Craig" Esrael (65) on Bonita's childhood, their educational and professional journeys, and the story of how they met and started a family together.

Nicholas Zoller and Karen McBee

One Small Step conversation partners Nicholas "Nick" Zoller (40) and Karen McBee (66) talk about their upbringing in Maryland and Texas and what inspired them to become teachers in higher education. They also discuss their differences in faith and what...

Margaret Whitaker and Kathy Thomas

One Small Step Conversation Partners and educators Margaret "Magi" Whitaker (69) and Kathy Thomas (62) discuss rising political tensions, progressive politics, and the importance of educating the next generation.