World History – Final Exam – Ryan Rodriguez

We talked about her childhood and what historic events happened.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My great-grandma and I talked about her history and her life.

An Interview to Remember- a Talk with Nana

After an experience in the mountains, I have a talk with nana as we discuss her childhood and other significant moments in her life. We also talk about the tradition of our mountain trip, and how it came to be.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Historical events that my mother has lived through.

My mom

Just talking about my moms life story’s and what she would of done differently

Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, many key events that my mother experienced were mentioned. This interview was insight to my mothers life.

Living History: Elementary School with the Civil Rights Movement

Clifford King Harbin explains life in inner city Atlanta in the 60’s and her experience going to school with Martin Luther King Jr.’s sons.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked a lot about my moms childhood and how her life was growing up. We also talked about work and different jobs and events that led my mom to her current job. A strength from this interview was maturity...

Jennifer and Michael

We talked about what it was like for her in the past and the significance of certain things that have happened around her.

The passions of two Sisters from another country.

Two sisters discuss their passions, and the values that lead them through life.

Lusharon Wiley and Jason Nicholson

Friends and colleagues Dr. Lusharon Wiley (69) and Jason Nicholson (48) share a conversation about Jason’s philosophy of life, the obstacles he has faced, and the lessons he has learned.

McArthy and Me

Judy Fiore tells of her personal experiences of McArthyism.

Humanities Homework

We talked about what events in the life shaped them to be who they are today.

The Life of Jean Runkle

Me and my grandmother discussed many topics. Some of these were the memories and people that changed our lives. My grandmothers mom helped her learn manners and her grandmother taught her how to be a good person. We also discussed...

My Grandpa’s Vietnam Museum

My grandfather, Allan, shows me some of the items he brought back from Vietnam. From various pins and trinkets, all the way to an enemy soldiers gun! He talks about the history of these items along with a few stories.