Everything’s Coming Up Ted

Ted Shank, university professor, director, and playwright, sits down with friend Sara Ah Sing and discusses life and experiences. Interview conducted on 4/24/18 in San Diego, California.

Teri Lee Lloyd

An interview documenting the important parts of Teri’s life

Great Thanksgiving Listen: Final

This interview was about the history of my mom and about her views and perspectives.

Story of an immigrant

Ali is talking about his experience when he moved to a new country

Giving Thanks

The Interview was based on various topics about the subject who was interviewed life

Legacy: One Place, Two Different Families

Jadyn (16) and Mags (17), friends for eight years, discuss their own family histories, as well as their own lives. They are both fifth generation Californian, and they talk about the family history they have in common, and the parts...

Anne’s Story

Anne, my family friend, talks about growing up in her life.

62 Years of History
November 12, 2017 App Interview

How life has changed over the past 60 years

Daniel Catlin: Hobart Resident, Cement Mixer with Grandson and Hobart High School student Gage Catlin.

Gage Catlin has a conversation with his grandpa (Daniel Catlin) about the storming of the US capitol (Jan. 6, 2021).

Thanksgiving Listen: Aran O’Loughlin
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Mostly childhood stories of life of a man who grew up in NYC & with plenty of family from several backgrounds, some things were great but there was a share of the bad as well throughout

Life Talk With K Hack

In this interview, orchestrated at Egg Harbor Township High School in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Jaila Cruz talks to and interviews her former World Cultures teacher Kevin Hackney about the wonders and the adventures of life and college.


This interview is conducted between me and my mother

World History – Final Exam – Ryan Rodriguez

We talked about her childhood and what historic events happened.

Living History: Elementary School with the Civil Rights Movement

Clifford King Harbin explains life in inner city Atlanta in the 60’s and her experience going to school with Martin Luther King Jr.’s sons.

The Life of Jean Runkle

Me and my grandmother discussed many topics. Some of these were the memories and people that changed our lives. My grandmothers mom helped her learn manners and her grandmother taught her how to be a good person. We also discussed...