Towns Family Interview – Great Grandma and Grand daughter

We talked about our family background and what my grandma likes and dislikes and her view on life as a whole.

Thanksgiving Extra Credit Project

We talked about mainly the past of what has happened before and what my dad said.

911 Interview

This is an assignment for my school Final and the main topic is about the historical events of 911

Interview with elder

We talked about what you can learn from different situations.

Great American listen

We talked about the assasination of John F. Kennedy, 9/11attack, Osama bin Laden, Donald Trump and the DACA act.

Service Learning Project

My mom explained some of the hardships she faced in her childhood years as well as some historical events she experienced.

Melani Leon GTL 2018 Rollet

This is Sibyl. A such wonderful, sweet, and beautiful woman. There are a lot of background noises.

The Thanks Giving Listen with Kay Kovacs

Kay Kovacs talks about her life in highschool and how the times have changed since she was a teenager


In summary I learned about how my father and how he grew up in Mexico City. Although his life back in Mexico City was hard here in the US he got to get a better future for his family and...

Interview: Julie Hudak

My mother and I discussed a plethora of topics on and off the list of questions. She told many stories about me and her life before starting a family. We discussed many important historical events throughout her time that I...

Media Through the Years: A Firsthand Account

I, Abigail Steuart, sit down with my mother, Janet, to discuss changes in the media from her childhood to the present.

Grandma Greene

I interviewed my grandma about many different topics


We tales about how she was as a Child and who influenced her the most

Talking to Pop-Pop

We went through most of his life and what he remembered was most significant in his life.

Jeff’s Interview

The story of who Jeff Hay was and who he continues to be.

Historian Recording of Lupe Hernandez

An interview between me and my aunt whom I admire very much.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her personal, important, and historical events that took place during her old days. The photo you see was the little me and my Auntie or in Tagalog, Tita Flora Alviar. I didn’t take a picture today with...