Life before Mom-mom and Pop-pop

The differences between life 50 years ago and now. And reflections with my grandparents.

History in school from another generation!
November 20, 2020 App Interview

We talked about how history was taught in the 1980’s and what was the most interesting facets of it.

An Afternoon with Mimi

I spent time with my grandmother asking her about her past and I asked her to reflect on her life.

US History Podcast
January 9, 2021 App Interview

this is very scripted, im a better reader than speaker

Interview with an Elder

My grandmother, JoAnn Griffin, describes what her life was like on the farm where she grew up. She tells how she met my grandfather and how she would like to be remembered.

U.S. History Interview

in this interview Mis Hernández and myself, we talk about historical events of u.s history, also we talk about personal memories from Ms.Hernandez.

Carson Berrier and Anna Koutsouftikis

One Small Step conversation partners Carson Berrier (23) and Anna Koutsouftikis (18) talk about how they grew up, their religious beliefs, politics, their interests and what they see and hope for their futures.

Allen Woodall and Kaitlynn Griffith

Kaitlynn Ward Griffith (35) sits down with her grandfather, Allen Woodall Jr. (87), to discuss the lessons he has learned throughout his life, his passion for preserving history through museum curation, and each of their future hopes for the museums...

Ricardo Herrera and Dan Davis

Colleagues Ricardo "Rick" Herrera (60) and Dan Davis (39) speak about the battle at Ninety-Six and its legacy, gaining a deeper understanding of history through topography and staff rides.

Meet Mark "Paulie" Wenger, Adjunct Professor of History & President of Pemberton County Historical Trust.

Mark "Paulie" Wenger is interviewed by Kiyomi Locker and talks about the history/geography of the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. They discuss the folklife and folk lore of the Pine Barrens, including popular jargon of words like "Piney" and the...

Cindy and Jimmy Rohls, The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmother is an incredible person who has achieved so much throughout her life. She has travelled to so many places and overcome so much, I couldn’t be more thankful for my grandmother.

"Ingrid Kimble Peterson and Joyce Shaw Peterson"

Joyce Shaw Peterson (81) talks with her granddaughter, Ingrid Kimble Peterson (12) about her work as a history professor.

"Don't Take Life For Granted"

In today's interview, the interviewer Frankie Wright, asks his mother, Patty, about his ancestors and old family traditions. During the interview Patty talks about early childhood and early memories. She also talks about how work has affected her life and...

Rosa G: la historia de su inmigración a los dieciocho años.
December 12, 2023 App Interview

Rosa y su historia de inmigración ella emigró en 1994 a la edad de dieciocho años hablamos sobre el motivo y cómo se adaptó a la nueva vida y los desafíos que enfrentó. Y otras preguntas fueron respondidas en base...

Thanksgiving oral history

My grandparents talk about their thanksgiving traditions and history both in their childhood and modern day.

1960s Oral History Project

Interview with Owen’s grandmother done by Henry, Owen, and Sam about the 1960’s

Thanksgiving interview

This was an interview with my grandmother aged 77, who I asked a few questions about her history.