Stay at home order

E-learning makes teens interviews on people they’ve spent time with during Quarantine .

A way for me to know more about my mother.

She talked about her lifestyle and things she likes. Then she talked about what she hopes for me to be like in the future.

Never wanna leave

Ellie Phillips and Pam Phillips. Pam is my mom, I am 15 years old. Man-of-war can rarley kill humans but when attacked by a whole school it is more likely, my mom learned the hard way. The best part was...

Story of my Grandfather’s Life

My grandfather grew up here in the Bay Area. He went through school and graduated all through high school. He worked in the automotive industry and at AT&T. He now lives in the same house and helps out at his...

Michele Turnitza and her daughter Laura talk about her life and family.

During the interview with Michele Turnitza the topic of family was stressed extensively. She values her children more than anything. Her three children are also some of the most important in her life. Her family, past and present were able...

My Past Is Your Past

Although I never knew my great great grandparents, this interview with my grandmother made it feel like I knew them my whole life. On December 31, 2018, I, Kate Godfrey, interviewed my grandmother Carol Burns in Scottsdale, Arizona. The stories...

Hannah Brewer and her mom, Susan Brewer, talk about becoming and being a photographer.

On December 6, 2018, Hannah Brewer and Susan Brewer had a very good conversation. Hannah learned more about her mom and her mom’s job. She learned that life as a new photographer wasn’t always easy but Susan definitely enjoys her...

You’re going to try some things and mess up. You have to learn from your mistakes

I talk to my mom about some things I’ve wanted to know her opinion on and wanted to get a clear view of what she’s thinking of for the future. Also a way to get to know my mom just...

18 hours away

Sometime college make you go places, you would never think you would want to go.


8:00 on a Sunday night talking to my grandmother about the good ole days

Interview of my guardian in the America

Ze is my guardian in the America and he is very hardworking for our study life. Because he was a internet student too, so he can understand my difficult for new here very well and try his best to help...

Me and my grandma

We discuss her life in Mexico

A talk with Dad

An interview of my dad and his life growing up in hometown Missouri.

Hampston Interview 1

Story about being born at home unexpectedly

The great listen

Chris said absolutely nothing while Abriana encourage more.

Feeling At Home In America

Dr. Ahluwalia talks about coming to America as a college student, and how she became an American.


How did globalization affect the economy? with the discovery of oil in 1960, lots of worker come from all over the world to work in the UAE for better salaries and standard of life. Not only from poor countries in...