Ashley and Isabel 12/8

Ashley (19) talks with Isabel (19) about her experience growing up as a poor hispanic.

Joy Perez and Douglas Macgregor

Douglas Macgregor (66) interviews his friend and girlfriend Joy Perez (69) about her upbringing in Ohio, her career as a teacher, and how she enjoys her retirement.

Tallat Choudry and Seemi Choudry

Tallat Choudry (68) talks to her daughter Seemi Choudry (30) about her childhood in Pakistan, her family and education, early married life in the US and Venezuela, her career, and being a mother of four.

Ginny Hall and Chris Brookes

Ginny Hall (88) shares stories with her friend Chris Brookes (73) about growing up in a small Wisconsin town, her career in Home Economics, her interest in the history of Walworth County, Wisconsin, and volunteer contributions to the Lake Geneva...

Linda Bryant and Lisa Jones

Lisa Bryant Jones (54) talks with her mother, Linda Powell Bryant (76), about her childhood in Tallasee, Alabama, as well as, their family's extensive history of pursuing education. Linda Powell Bryant is the longest-serving member of the Fulton County School...

AF podcast: Home Economics

In this podcast, we discuses how important home economics skills are, how they can improve life, and the barriers that prevent students from acquiring those skills.