In this we talked about how she was raised and how she thinks about our generation.

Beth McKinnon and Lauren Ann Holmes discuss Willie Lynch Crook’s life and the legacy he left on his family and country.

I’m this interview on November 23, 2018, my grandmother Beth McKinnon and I are discussing the legacy of her father Willie Lynch Crook, also known as Papa. Papa was one of the most patriotic, honest men to walk God’s green...

Thanksgiving Listen- Coach Pritchett

The Thanksgiving where Dr. Cordelia Moffett talks about her childhood

Comm 245 Project

This is an interview with my neighbor, Elena, who has impacted my life immensely.

Be Honest and Truthfull

My grandfather was a very big and important person in my life. I chose him because I don’t know a lot about him and I wanted to know more.

Interview With An Elder, The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interview with my Grandfather for Interview With An Elder Assignment. The conversion may have lasted longer, but you cannot rush an interview with an elderly man. Lolo (grandpa) always prefered getting to the point and keeping his conversations short and...

Xochilt Coca

The Questions that i asked specifically were because i didn’t know the answers and i was curious, here’s my luther answering various questions.

Being a Big Sister

My 8 year old daughter explains what it means to be a big sister to her 2 year old sister Mia.

Victoria’s redo interview

About her future and how she never ever wants to have kids in her life.

Teenage Thoughts!

We talked about some memorable moments. I asked about something that he’s never told me before

The Bachelor

We discussed the pop culture T.V. show The Bachelor and why people may choose to go on the show.

Interviewing my Grandma

During my interview with my Grandma I learned many things such as her parents, how she believes society has changed, and many more things. I am glad that interviewed my Grandma as she has had a very intriguing and eventful...