The Great Listen of 2020- A Conversation with Jaslyn and her Mom!

In this interview, I, Jaslyn, learn about my mother’s past and learn if she ever had an regrets. I learn how her past has affected her life and formed her into the person she is today!

Interview with Grammy

Barbara Micheal- 70 years old (My Grammy) Natalie Bannon- 15 years old (me We discussed proud moments in life and am the differences that the world has made.

Kaoutar Nassir and Sarah Padgett

Sarah Padgett interviews her friend Kaoutar Nassir about her journey moving from her childhood home in Tangier to her current home in Madrid, the obstacles she faced along the way, how she connects with herself, and her hopes for the...

Childhood Memories

Interview with cousin, sharing memories and thoughts about growing up together.

Bonnie Rosenberg and Sanford Sherizen

Partners Bonnie Rosenberg (77) and Sanford "Sandy" Sherizen (80) reflect on the incident that took place at the Capitol on January 6, 2021 and share their hopes for the future. They discuss their passion for social justice and the advocacy...

My Sister: Her story of Addiction.

On April 25, 2021, in Felton Delaware, Katelyne Davis (29), a student at Delaware Technical Community college interviewed Mackenzie Davis, a 28 year old drug addict, currently in recovery, who also happens to be her sister. This candid interview shows...


Interviewed my mom about Vietnam and her journey to America. Also how America gave her more of an opportunity to succeed.

Did you know?
January 30, 2020 App Interview

This Interview is a brief overview of Dion’s powerful moments. These lessons have taught him to appreciate life.

Irea’s Speech Interview

Paris Richardson, 37 years old, My Mother. She’s talked about her happiest and difficult memories, someone who she will always remember and most grateful for, proudest and favorite memories of me.

Coronavirus interview

Overall, this is an extreme experience that we are all going through but we still have a lot to be thankful for. There are many people that are not as blessed as we are and we have to help out...

Troy Carey and his grandmother Mary Carey (Tu Trinh) talk about her life.

In this interview, conducted on November 23, 2023 in Napa, California, Troy Carey (14) interviews his grandmother Mary Carey (82) about her life. Mary grew up in Vietnam during World War II and was called Tu Trinh. She moved to...

My interview with Eugene Ward.

An interview with Pastor Eugene about life and experiences.

Interesting Life of Grandfather

My interview was with Frank Salvi who is my grandfather. This was taken place at my grandfather’s house in Leominster, Massachusetts. Frankie Salvi interviews his grandfather talking about what his life was like and how that impacted him. This was...

Dad: His Loss and Hope

My dad lost his mom and his brother, so he had to learn how to cope and keep their memory alive in his future.

Stellan Knowles and LaCretia Springer

Stellan Knowles (21) speaks with his grandmother LaCretia Springer (76) about her childhood, the challenges of her life, and her hopes for future generations of LGBTQ+ youth and the significance of their relationship.

For The Hope Of It All
December 1, 2022 App Interview

I (Star) interview my mom (Sonia) about the not-so new topic of Covid-19. I ask about her experiences during lockdown. We conclude about how you always should keep hope and push through any challenges you face.

Kasey Madden and Brian McGill

Kasey Madden (35) and Brian McGill (50) find commonality from opposite coasts, sharing similar feelings on being raised Catholic and moving away from organized religion, community service, worries about societal and political divisiveness, safety for women and trans people and...

Interview with Papi

This interview is between a father (Christian Sganga 47) and his daughter (Isabella Sganga 18). They discussed the hardships of life and how to grow from them. Isa’s father, Chris, suffered from a herniated disc, moved to a completely new...

Nathan Buck and Therese Lewandowski

Nathan Buck, Providence Volunteer Program Supervisor, has an in-depth conversation with Therese Lewandowski, about his spiritual journey from being a midwest, gay alter boy in a Catholic school to an openly gay, happily married manager for a Catholic organization. Nathan...

Annie Fels

A great interview. I learned a lot and enjoyed it.

Shabir Kabiri and Alex Kolker

Friends and coworkers Alex Kolker (27) interviews Shabir Kabiri (29) about his experience attending university in the United States, the differences between Afghan and American culture, and what the American dream means to him.

Hillary West and Haydon Pitchford

[Recorded Wednesday, February 16, 2022] Hillary (71) and Haydon (27) recorded a One Small Step conversation together about their experiences related to serving as a first responder (Haydon) and clergy (Hillary) at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in...

Sheryl Olitzky and Atiya Aftab

Atiya Aftab (53) and her friend and cofounder Sheryl Olitzky (65) discuss how their interfaith, multicultural friendship inspired them to start their non-profit, Sisterhood Salaam Shalom which is a program that encourages friendship, dialogue, and action among Muslim and Jewish...